How to recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions and Screen Time Passcode?

Updated: Tuesday, 5 March, 2019

Get a quick and easy way to recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions and Screen Time Passcode

The tendency to forget is normal for humans. But the idea is to get out of it within a short span of time. The same is the case for this. In case you have forgotten your iPhone restrictions and screen time passcode then the idea is to get out of it within a very short span of time. If this is one of the cases that you are stuck in for long then this tutorial is certainly going to help out with the same. There are quick and easy ways to retrieve restriction settings without the need to restore the iPhone as a new device or jail-breaking it. In order to get this type of things to get executed in an effective manner user will need to have an iTunes or iCloud backup to retrieve their iPhone’s restrictions passcode. Also, users need to ensure that their backup is created after the phone had the restrictions PIN applied.

Users will need to get this done by getting their iTunes synced and in case the sync had already happened with their iOS device as the restriction passcode had already been set then users will need not need to get the sync done once again. Without having to wait anymore let us now move on to the sequential or step by step procedure to recover a forgotten iPhone restriction and recover a forgotten iPhone Screen time passcode. The steps are very simple and user-friendly so users should not get stuck up at all when following the below-mentioned steps as jotted down below.

Steps to recover forgotten iPhone restrictions and screen time passcode:

Step 1: Users can start the process by downloading and installing the iPhone backup extractor for windows or MAC.

Step 2: Once that has been done in an effective manner then users can simply do is open the same.

Step 3: The next thing which users will need to do is ensure that they have an encrypted iTunes backup or an iCloud backup.

Step 4: Once the users have ensured the same then the next thing which users will need to ensure is that they move on to the left side of the application to locate and see the list of backups.

Step 5: Once the list of backups is found then users can select the backup with their desire passcode.

Step 6: Users can now move on to the utility menu and from there they can simply click on Recover screen time/ restrictions passcode from the list of available options.

Step 7: Users can next click on the Start button and then they can wait for sometimes.

Step 8: Once done that then users can press the Start button and then it will automatically start recovering their Screen Time restrictions code.

Step 9: Users can now wait for sometimes until then they will see their iOS Screen Time passcode or restrictions passcode will be recovered.

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