How to recover facebook password without email and phone number 2020 [Solved]


How to recover Facebook password without email and phone number 2020

To recover your Facebook password, you need to have access to the email or phone number associated with your Facebook account. You can reset Facebook password both in the Facebook app and Facebook website to recover the same you need to follow the steps as below:

On Desktop:

  1. Open the Facebook webpage.
  2. Below the password textbox, click the link "forgot password".
  3. In the textbox, "find your account”, type in the email address or the phone number used to register your account.
  4. Below the text box, click "search".
  5. Select " Use my Google account'.
  6. Click "Continue" on the window that will open.
  7. Enter your Gmail address and password.

Note: this will only work if your Gmail Account is Associated with your Facebook account.

  1. Upon successfully authenticating with your Gmail account, you shall be presented with a screen where you can enter your new password and confirm the same.
  2. Ask a Facebook friend to send you an email through Facebook. If you receive that email, then you can use the same email address to recover your Facebook account.

Steps to send email to a Facebook user:

  1. Open the email compose box.
  2. Type the email address in the "to" field in this format


  1. Type the email content and the subject in the appropriate text field.
  2. Click the send button

Note: Replace "username" in the email address in step three with the vanity URL nickname of the Facebook user you want to send the email to. The vanity URL nickname is the name that follows the "" on the user's profile page URL.

On Mobile:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the link "Need Help" below the email address and password fields.
  3. In the menu, tap on "Forgot Password"
  4. Search by your name if you don’t know your phone number or email id.
  5. Tap on "Search".
  6. Tap on "This is Me " option. You have two option for recovery;

A. send code via email

B. send code via SMS

  1. Tap "Continue" and it will prompt Facebook to email or text a code to you.
  2. Retrieve your code
  3. Enter the six-digit code
  4. Enter "continue' and enter a new password. Doing so will submit your code, if it's correct, you will be taken to the new password creation page.
  5. Tap "Continue" .This will replace your password and you can log into the Facebook app or website with a new password.
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