How to recover Gmail if you lost your phone or sim

Recover Gmail Account without Phone

7 September, 2022
Mark Adair

Recover Gmail Account without Phone

Gmail is the only web-based email service that keeps records of your online presence. So, whenever you forgot the password and unable to approach to your Google account it may possible that your account has been hacked by strangers.

Don’t worry! Gmail offered you multiple options to get your account access. You can recover Gmail without phone number by following ways:

  1. Recover Gmail using the registered email address
  2. Recover Gmail by answering security questions

Recover Gmail using the registered email address

Google always asks to register an alternate email address so that if your Gmail account is not accessible then Google can reach you using that registered email. This is very helpful when you forgot Gmail password. Here are some easy steps to through which you can recover your account:

  1. Go to Gmail login page
  2. Enter your Gmail address and click forgotten password
  3. Gmail asks you to enter alternate email address and click send. Google sends the password recovery link to the registered email.
  4. Sign in to your email address and click the recovery link to get access to your Gmail account.

After getting access to the Gmail account, you just need to change the password to make your account safe form unauthentic access.

Recover Gmail by answering security questions

Regain access to your Gmail account is quite easy by answering the security questions for tech-savvy people. It is the best method to recover Gmail account if forgotten the password because you are the only one who knows answers of security questions that you have done while creating the Gmail account. Follow the steps to recover Gmail without phone number:

  1. Browse link in your browser
  2. Enter your Gmail ID in the respective field and click forgotten Password
  3. Select I need to rest my security question and click continue
  4. Select questions from the drop-down list and answer all
  5. If you will answer all security questions truly then you can successfully access the Gmail account.

After following the steps discussed above, we are sure that you will get access to your Gmail account. If you are still facing problem in accessing the Gmail account the contact to email customer service center to get the best possible solutions.

How to Secure Gmail Account?

After getting access to your Gmail account, it is necessary to create a new password. We strongly recommend you to add an active phone number, an alternate email and enter some security questions for future so that Google can reach you in an emergency for backup.

Why Gmail Support Center?

Gmail is very much concern about customer satisfaction. It offers the best support services to customers across the globe. Connecting to a support center is advisable because:

  1. 24*7 support service
  2. Well experience support experts are available to help you
  3. Latest technologies are used to help you
  4. Can be connected within a minute as multiple phone lines are available
  5. Authentic support and many more

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