How To Recover Lost Password In Quicken Program?

15 March, 2019

How To Recover Lost Password In Quicken Program?

The financial management software 'Quicken' has countless and robust encryption utilities. Also, the software offers password protection facility to its users so as to maintain the privacy of their data. Personally, I am using this application for a long time, and I  am a big fan of it. Each and every function of Quicken is nicely configured and is really commendable since it has made my routine tasks simpler. Or we can say that this creation of 'INTUIT INC.' is the biggest boon for the business world. 
As you keep significant finance details with this software, you must always be attentive towards its security features. And must set a strong password both for Quicken login id and Data Files. However, the main aim of a password is to provide security to your data, but what to do when you forget your password? Quite a messy situation, isn't it?? But with our today's article, you will get to know the recovery methods for the forgotten password. Guys, we can understand your pain and fear of forgetting the password and have written this blog only for you.
Generally, 2 types of the password are there, namely “Quicken login password” and  “Data Files” password. Both these password type have equal importance. Chances are high to forget the passwords on the part of the user. Because it's a human tendency to forget important things/ information. To retrieve your Quicken
and data file password, steps are given beneath:
- First, you need to go to Quicken's login page and click there on the link “forgot my password”.
- Next, insert your login id and submit.
- Choose the delivery method in order to get the verification code from the list.
- By default, “Text” is the recovery method, but you may also go for “Email me the code instead”
- After getting the code, please enter it.
- Create a new and different password.
- Now, log in with the help of your new password.


Data file password is slightly different from Quicken login password so is the process of recovering. With this password, you can prevent unauthorized access to your Quicken data. In the event, you are no longer able to access your data file using your old password, a tool has been provided by Quicken to remove the existing password and create a new one. Instead, you may click on the “forgot password link” and perform the same steps discussed in the Quicken login password recovery.


To maintain a/c security, the password must be changed frequently. If you don't have a sharp memory, you need to change your password on a regular basis because we people are inclined to forget old things. Also, Quicken has provided with an option of 'Remove Password for Quicken files', this can also be opted by the
To change/remove the password, steps are:
- First, open the Quicken software on your device.
- Next, select the “File” option and after then click on “Set password for this data file’.
- In this step, enter your old password, new password and again new password to confirm the changes made.
- Hit 'Ok' 
- With this, your password has changed.
In case, you wish to remove Quicken file password, please, do not enter anything in “new password” and “confirm password” fields.

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