How to Recover Permanently Deleted Google Photos?

Updated: Monday, 25 February, 2019
Albert Simmons

[Solved] How to Recover Permanently Deleted Google Photos?

Google with the number of popularity performs its role in a different character. We know you didn’t get this point. Like everything needs better growth and development similarly, Google also requires some level to receive more users from worldwide. View some parts regarding Google:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Map
  • Google translate
  • Google drive
  • Google news
  • Google play music
  • Google hangouts
  • Google Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google photos

What will happen if you permanently delete your photos from Google photos and now you are need of them? Will you be able to recover it again? We will answer “yes” you can recover it. It is rightly said that “everything is possible in this world” because if we do something wrong the solution is already in our hand. In the same way, if you fail to recover your deleted photos, you do not need to worry, just go through some key points which will serve you to recover it quickly.

  • Photos which fortuitously or permanently get deleted from the Google photos remain in the trash for 60 days. So in the case by mistake, if you delete any picture, just find it out in trash easily during this period.
  • To get the back the lost photos firstly, open the Google photos app and click on the menu. After that choose “Trash Folder”.
  • The deleted files are listed here. Select the desired photo which you need to be recovered.
  • After selecting tap the small arrow button to restore them back.

Thus, through these steps, you easily and quickly recover your permanently deleted photos immediately. There are several ways to get the solution to any issue whether major or minor. The only difference that occurs is how big the issue is because longer the issue more time will be taken to solve. But Google fails to give us that opportunity to solve their glitches because almost 99 percent of the people depend on Google.

Google photos are a photo storing service developed by Google in 2015. Google photos allow you to store photos up to 16 megapixel as well as videos up to 1080p resolution. This service also has a backup facility. On the off chance if you are unable to recover your deleted photos you can find it out from the trash folder instantly. Make sure that you are able to recover your photos within 60 days as per the time limit of the Google providers. A simple solution can decrease your stress which you were carrying since long.

View some unaware features of Google  

  • Gmail can now auto-complete the entire email with a new feature known as “Smart Compose”.
  • Google photos can now turn the photos from document file to PDF. You can also bleach the color from the photo and also can re-colorize your friend’s photos.
  • “OK, Google” has a unique feature which asks people to just speak the query on their phone to get the answer. You do not need to type.

Therefore, these features are getting updated day by day with several other functionalities. Google is progressing very rapidly in comparison to other search engines and people prefer and admire it the most. Get relief from all the glitches and look for a better solution.

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