How to Recover Yahoo Account Password without Alternative Email and Security Questions?

Updated: Friday, 2 August, 2019
David Willy

Solved: Recover Yahoo Account Password without Security Questions and Alternative Email

Sometimes, your Email accounts are locked due to the inabilities of remembering passwords. For a human-beings not forgetting created passwords for many or different accounts leads to confusion because of not being a Robots!

Yahoo Mail

A world without the internet is unable to imagine today, we have entered into the digital era. The facilities of hassle-free communication via emails are boon for every internet savvy. There are numerous websites or email’s providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, JunoWebmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

Yahoo Mail has comes in 1997 and becomes a leader with about 250 million users across the world. Yahoo Mail offers services in 21 languages. Yahoo Mail has unlimited storage, the search of emails, contact lists, blockers for spam and virus scanning.

Create a Yahoo Email Account:

You can create a free Yahoo Mail account by following simple steps:

  • Head to the website of Yahoo Mail, click on the ‘Sign up now’
  • Select an ID- name or username
  • Enter strong password
  • Answer a security question like the name of your pet.
  • Click ‘accept’

 Recover password without security questions and alternative email:

Don’t be panic if you don’t have an old phone and number and didn’t be make an alternative Email Address…

We know that you cannot recover your Yahoo Email account’s password through an automated process, but go for seeking support from ‘Yahoo! Help. Yahoo! Support team or their technical experts might ask a few questions for verification like contacts in Yahoo Mail address list or contact book.

Then you can access your Yahoo Email account instantly.

  1. Install ‘Password Recovery Bundle’ to your system
  2. Click ‘Email & Internet Browser Password Recovery in the main interface. 
  3. Click the ‘Outlook Password Recovery’ button
  4. Click ‘Start Recovery ‘button
  5. This helps you in keeping the reset password for Yahoo
  6. Along with this, you can your data and all files in your emails and this software are efficient in the recovery of forgotten passwords for 80+of files.

Steps to the recovery of the password when there no phone number:

  • Go to the Password Helper in your browser by typing in the URL of the website.
  • Enter the user’s email address
  • When the email is entered, the next page pops which consisted that the phone number might be entered while creating an account. If your number is not available then the button will say ‘I don’t know’.
  • Later the alternate email is showing on-screen, the user can click that button would send verification code on alternative email.
  • And the user can create a new password and continue the work.

Steps to recover a password when there no alternate email:

  • First, the user is needed to visit the official website of Yahoo! Here expert provides signing help.
  • Then the user required entering the emails address of the user so that the Yahoo could search the information linked with the email account.
  • After giving email, the pages come on screen and ask your phone number to verify.
  • Click the button to get verification code through text message.

Surely, Emails are vital for communication and getting useful information. But we forget the password and lost phone too, then we find ourselves helpless.

Every problem has a solution to feel relaxed after our issues are fixed. Likewise, there are ways to recover Yahoo Mail password without phone number & taking the help of alternative emails.


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