How to Recover Gmail Account - Password Recovery Tips

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Updated: Thursday, 10 September

Recover your Gmail Account Password

Gmail is the best email application that has billions of users around the world. While Gmail users are facing many problems and forgetting about the password is one of them. In today's world, all people are busy and have several passwords to unlock the different accounts they have. And if they have so many passwords, then it is quite obvious that they forget the password and get confused. If at any time you feel that you have forgotten your password, there are several easy ways to recover your Gmail account password.

If a person wishes to change the password of their Gmail account, there are several reasons behind this, such as that they may have noticed a malicious activity with their Gmail account or have forgotten their Gmail password. One should never panic if he has forgotten the password of the Gmail account, being panicked is very natural as there are many important and confidential emails that should not be shared with anyone.

In case you want to recover the password of your Gmail account, follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Browse through
  2. Enter your email ID and click on the Next button.
  3. Click on I forgot my password. The account recovery window appears.
  4. Enter the last password you remember and click on the Next button.
  5. A password will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.
  6. Enter the unique password and click on the next button. The window for resetting the password appears.
  7. Enter a password of your choice. Tenant to confirm.

Now you can access your Gmail account with the new password you created. It is a very easy task and it takes a few minutes of your precious time. If you have noticed malicious activities or if you forgot your password, the steps above will help you recover your Gmail password.

You can find a wide range of people around the world who do not know how to recover the Gmail password. This article can be very useful for them. The most important thing to remember when you retrieve your password is the mobile phone number or identification of the email address you entered when you created your Gmail ID. Retrieving the password for the Gmail account has always been a concern for people who have never changed their Gmail password. These people are recommended to follow the steps mentioned, which are certainly useful for them.

The password for the Gmail account is not only useful for accessing emails, but also for the YouTube account and many other Google products. People can change it for security reasons. It is recommended to choose a secure password for your Gmail account, which should be the combination of alphabets, numeric characters and special characters, and it should be difficult to guess for any other person. This is the best way to keep your Gmail account safe and away from malicious activity. If you want to change your Gmail password, do not delay to follow the simple and easy steps. These steps will take you to your Gmail account.

How to recover the Gmail password?

In all the cases of passwords, emails, configurations problems, up gradation issues, etc one only need to read wikicue's articles to get easy to implement methods and resolve your problems ASAP. If you want to resolve Gmail password recovery issues yourself, So you can follow these steps.

Gmail password recovery process is not a very complicated process it's a simple and easy process. Every user easily recovers his Gmail Email password. now just follow the giving steps and reset your email password.

Solutions: Gmail Password Recovery Steps:

  • Click the "Can't access your account?" link.
  • Select "I forgot my password" and click"Next".
  • Enter the Gmail address you need access to in the "Gmail account" field.
  • Select a verification method.
  • Fill out the questionnaire (if necessary).
  • Get your verification code.
  • Enter your verification code.
  • Create a new password.
  • Log into your Gmail account.

Recover Gmail password on the phone

  1. Click on the Gmail application on your phone. You probably get the page to sign in, instead of opening it directly in the inbox.
  2. Here you will find an option to change the password that is a hyperlinked phrase: "Forgot your password?". Click on this link to retrieve the password.
  3. If you have a registered alternative email account, you can choose to obtain the security code there, or you can also choose to obtain a one-time password for your mobile phone number that is active on this phone.
  4. Once you get the unique password, enter it in the respective field provided on the page.
  5. When the one-time password matches, you will be redirected to another page where you need to generate a new password and confirm it for the account.
  6. Once you have completed the generation of the new password, go back to the login page and then enter the corresponding username and password in the corresponding field.
  7. Give the device enough time to synchronize the data on your device with the email account. All this procedure takes some time and one must wait patiently through it.
  8. Once this is done, you can once again get the most out of your Gmail account.

Recovering your phone's password is the procedure that everyone should learn well to ensure that your device always works correctly.

How To Recover Your Gmail Account Password

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