How to Reset Hotmail Password

How to Reset Hotmail Password

7 September, 2022

Hotmail Password Reset

Hotmail is one of the renowned webmail services offered by MSN. Millions of people have registered to Hotmail for their personal and professional usage. So it is very important to reset Hotmail in a regular time frame. In many cases, people get to wonder about changing their Hotmail password. They don’t know this is only for their safety and security purposes.

However, the Hotmail password reset process is quite easy and takes some time but protects your account to be accessed by hackers. So, changing the password activity makes your email account safe and minimizes it to be hacked. The hackers access your account and can steal important information such as banking details, client proposals, quotations, and many more credentials as well. Here, we will let you know the easy steps to change the password.

Nowadays life is going to be very difficult and busy. People are having multiple user IDs and passwords for multiple functions and accounts. So, it is very difficult to remember all these account passwords simultaneously. The account holders forget the password. If you are one of those email users and don’t remember the password, don’t worry! We are here to assist you. We will provide you with easy steps to reset your forgot Hotmail password.

Changing the Hotmail account password is quite difficult for non-techy people. If you forget the password and try to get access by putting the wrong password, the account gets blocked automatically. But for technically sound people, it is very easy. There is a number of options available on the Hotmail support web page for changing the account password. It will take a few minutes to change the password. You can change the account password using a registered phone number, or secondary email address and answer the security questions.

But, here we will let you know to reset the Hotmail password without a phone number. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your browser and enter
  2. The link will redirect you to the
  3. On the top right corner, click Sign In
  4. Enter your Hotmail email account in the respective field and click Next.
  5. click forgotten my password, and a new dialogue box appears.
  6. Enter your Microsoft Account and click Next
  7. Tick I don’t have any of these radio buttons and click Next. The Recover Your Account page opens.
  8. Check the Microsoft account that you want to recover and enter an alternate email ID on which you want to get the recovery code from Microsoft.
  9. Enter the Captcha in the respective field and click Next  
  10. Enter the recovery code in the respective field and click verify

After following the steps discussed above anyone can get access to their email account if they have forgotten the password. These steps are very easy to understand and follow as well. It may be that the steps are a little bit difficult for those people who are not technically sound. But don’t worry! It is a very smart decision to connect with technical support experts to deal with the issues that you are facing in getting to access your Hotmail account.

Now, you will get success to reset the Hotmail password without recovery email. After getting access to the Hotmail account, it is very necessary to change the account password immediately as hackers always have their eyes on accessing the account.

Hotmail offers one more facility to reset the password if security questions are not remembered. You can get access to an account and reset your Hotmail password without security questions with very easy steps that you can find on the support page of Microsoft.

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