How to Reset Gmail Lost or Forgotten Password

Reset Lost Gmail Password

27 September, 2022
Albert Wills

How to Reset Gmail Password

Is your Gmail account hacked? Then restore it immediately. Being the leading webmail, Gmail offers several features, including security. But, registering through a secure UN system can lead to this problem. All right! The password reset procedure is simple and can be done in a few steps.

There is one more alternative to recover the Gmail password, that is, the Gmail password reset number. Through this number, you will receive full assistance to complete the process. The geeks will provide a variety of solutions that will help you gain access to the Google account.

Reset Lost Gmail password

Visit the Google account recovery page by clicking on the link Enter your Gmail address and click Next. Then, you will be asked to enter the last password you remember. If not, click on the 'Try a different question' link. If you know the date you created the Google Account, enter it or click on another question. Now, you will have access to recover your Google account. Account through secondary email. Enter it and click Next. Open the same email address and click on the email sent by Google. Here you will find the security code. Enter the same code on the Google account recovery page. Now create your new password.

Gmail password recovery via SMS

Recover the Gmail account via SMS using the following procedure!

If you have a problem logging in to the Gmail account and need to know how to recover the account, you can follow the following procedure to recover the Gmail password:

To do the Gmail password recovery, there is the following procedure:

> Through the telephone number
> Through an alternative email address
> Through security questions

• When you use the password recovery option through the telephone number, you are asked to send an SMS and you can recover the Gmail password through SMS.
• Make sure you have a network on your phone.
• Enter the phone number you had registered in the Gmail account on the account recovery page.
• An SMS with the code is sent to your telephone number.
• Enter the code on the account recovery page.
• Follow the on-screen instructions on the Gmail page to recover your account.
• Use the above procedure to perform the Gmail password recovery through SMS.
• Another procedure by which you can recover your account is an alternative email address.
• Enter the alternative email address in the next tab to recover the account.
• An email that has a link to retrieve your account is sent by Gmail.
• Click on the email to open it.
• Click on the email sent by Google to recover the account.
• Another method you can use to recover the account is through security questions.
• You must provide the exact answer you had during account recovery.

Gmail account password recovery in mobile applications

One can easily retrieve the Gmail password through their mobile phones simply by following the steps detailed below:

• On your mobile, go to through your web browser and try to log in to it.
• In the password column, do not enter anything on your own and instead click on the link I forgot the password.
• On the new page, a new option will appear for you asking you to change your password using your mobile or security question. Choose the option to recover your Gmail password using the mobile phone.
• When you choose this option, a code will be sent to your registered mobile phone.
• Enter the same code you received on your mobile phone in the Gmail code box.
• Once you enter the code, you will get a link to retrieve your password by entering a new password of your choice.

How to unlock Gmail account without password?

To make it more secure, it is password-protected, considering that the entire password is difficult at the present time, however, Gmail has different ways to recover the password, either by sending the password on the mobile, if not it has done. Indicate the number and then the person can do the same by obtaining the mail in the other mail that appears in the account, if none of these seems to be an option, the same can also be done when trying to unlock the Gmail account without a password, to For more information, you can talk to the expert about the Gmail password reset number.

Unlock Gmail account without a password. One can follow the following steps:

• Go to the web browser, go to Gmail, click Sign in.
• In the field, click the username and click next.
• Now one can see a couple of options to unlock the account.
• Click on the option I don't have the password and click on next.
• One will be asked to enter the username of the Gmail account and click next.
• On this page, one will have the option of selecting how to unlock the account.
• One will be required to enter some answer to the security questions, one has to make sure that the correct answer is provided.
• Once the answers have been answered correctly, one will be taken to the recovery page where the person must enter a new password and click continue.

How to configure 2-step verification for Gmail?

2-step verification is a layer that provides additional security to your email account instead of a password. Gmail also offers a 2-step verification service to users that allows users to protect their account against any hacker activity. But users must enable two-step verification in their Gmail account before enjoying its benefits. After setup, every time you log in to your Gmail account; You will receive a code that you must enter before accessing the Gmail account.

These are the steps to enable 2-step verification in Gmail:

  1. First, go to and then sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Tap the Login and security tab.
  3. Now scroll down and then tap 2 Step Verification.
  4. Tap Start and then enter your Google account password.
  5. Now enter a phone number and then choose an option to get the code.
  6. After that, tap Next and then enter the received code.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Now tap on the Activate tab to enable the two-step verification process.

How to recover Gmail password without a phone number?

Have you created a new Gmail account? Then, you can easily send and receive your important emails in a very secure way. But if you forgot your Gmail account password due to some sudden reason, you can also reset it with a new one. By using your registered phone number, you can easily reset your Gmail password to a new one. But what to do if someone forgot their phone number? By dialing the Gmail password reset number, you can also obtain a relevant password reset solutions from professionals.

Reset the Gmail account password without using the phone number through the following steps:

  1. First, go to the official Gmail login page and then touch the link I forgot the password.
  2. Simply enter your email ID and then tap Next.
  3. You will now be asked for your last password, if you don't remember it, then tap Next.
  4. Click the Test a different question link and then you will see the security question answer method.
  5. Give the correct answer to all security questions and then tap on the Next tab.
  6. After that, enter a new password for your Gmail account to finish the procedure.

How to reset the Gmail password on your Android phone through the reset phone number?

Here, you can see the guidelines to reset your Gmail password on Android:

• You must visit the Gmail login page from your Android device. Click on "Need help"
• When you move to the Google account recovery page.
• Now, you will get three main options, select the first one, you must choose "I don't know my password".
• You must fill in your Gmail address in the bar provided.
• Select the "Continue" button whenever your tasks are finished.
• The user will now ask you to fill out the "CAPTCHA" form.
• As a user, you must enter the last password that you can still retrieve if possible.
• Click on the "Continue" button to move. Or, you can select the "I don't know" button.
• You are provided with a list of options on how to reset your Gmail password on the Android device. You need to use an alternate email address or your phone number to receive a verification code.
• You can see a blank bar that will appear and instruct you to enter your verification code. After doing so, a new screen will appear.
• When all the steps are completed, you can now reset your Gmail password directly on your Android device.

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