How to Reset Your Gmail Password with Verification Code

30 September, 2019

Reset Gmail Password with Verification Code:

There are few ways to get your password reset with verification code. One way you get verification code with the help of phone number. Another way you can do Reset Gmail Password with Verification Code by email address also. Verification code is supposed to be a very secure medium of resetting the password. Every person has his or her own personal access to email as well as the mobile phone number. The internal server sends the random number to a particular phone number which is associated with the account and after entering the same verification code it becomes easy to access the Gmail account. Gmail is one of the renowned email services among all the email services. The process of resetting the password of the Gmail account is very easy and secure in this email service. There are also 24 by 7 support providers available over the phone. In case you are a kind of a beginner and do not have an idea what to do then just take a call with them, the technical troubleshooter will resolve all your glitches.

Here the simple steps of reset password of Gmail with verification code on phone number.

  • First of all, you visit the Gmail page with the help of a web browser or URL.

  • One more way you can visit directly to the Gmail account recovery center.

  • Then enter the email address and click on Next.

  • Gmail will ask you to enter your password. If you enable to remember password then click on ‘forgot password’ option.

  • After that Gmail will ask again to enter the last password you remember using with this Gmail account. Ignore that password label field and click on ‘Try another way’.

  • You will see the page Get verification code with your phone number. Enter your phone number and click on the send button.

  • You have two ways i.e. ‘send a text message or get a call’. Choose one method which you prefer most. (You should have a phone in your hand to receive verification code)

  • Enter the verification code and click on the Next button.

  • Now, your Gmail password has been reset by following the above steps.


Another way to get verification code on your recovery email box, while you reset your Gmail password. Starting a few steps are same as like the above steps. The technical support advisors are highly equipped with technology. They know all kind of problems very well and also know how to tackle them. If you are unable to reset Gmail password then you can easily contact them for any help. Just have a look on the below points in order to get the proper Gmail recovery.

  • First, go to the Gmail page.

  • Enter the email address and click on Next button.

  • Gmail will ask for the password. If you are not able to remember your email password then click on ‘Forgot password’ option.

  • Gmail asks again to enter the last password you remember using with this Gmail account, ignore that and click on ‘Try another way’ or ‘i don’t have my phone’ until you see the page of To get the verification code by recovery email address

  • After that enter your recovery email address and click on send.

  • You will get the verification code in your recovery email inbox.

  • Follow the instructions to finish verification steps and get your account recovered.

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