How To Reset Zoho Mail Password

27 September, 2019

Zoho Mail Password Reset

Are you encountering difficulties in accessing your Zoho mail account?

A user of Zoho Mail knows that it is an excellent email service that is clean, fast, and offers better protection against fake emails. Looking for an answer and solution to your issue, consider this might be you forgot the password or your Zoho Email account is hacked! Don’t worry; there are quick and simple ways for resetting the password. Through this procedure, you can recover your account instantly.

 Ways to Zoho Mail Password Reset:

 Keeping simple, as the Zoho email account could be consist of user and Admin, we have provided password reset steps for both separately.

Method 1 - You can reset password as an Admin

  • First of all, head to the Zoho Mail sign-in page and click on the Forgot Password button.
  • Then, enter the registered email address or mobile number associated with your Zoho email account and then fulfill the Captcha requirement.
  • Further, click on the ‘Request’ option.
  • Now, if you entered your email address for the recovery of your account, check your email account for the further process.
  • Likewise, if you have provided your phone number, check your phone for the verification code.
  • Lastly, using the email or verification code, you will be able to reset the password for your Zoho Mail account.

Thus, if any of your users have forgotten their password, as an admin, you can reset the password for their account by following the steps provided below.

Method 2 - Now you can reset password as User

  • Begin with Signing in to your Zoho Mail account as admin via its official portal
  • After signing into your account, go to the User Details section and choose the user for whom you are looking to reset the password.
  • Further, select the option ‘Change Password’.
  •  Now, enter the new password for the user in the prompted field.
  • Once, prompted to enter Admin password, enter it in the provided field and click on the OK button.
  • Lastly, the password for the user the account will be reset and the user will be able to access his account.

Wrap up:

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