How To Send Secure Emails in Gmail

4 April, 2019
Jonathan Wells

How To Send Secure Emails in Gmail

Internet is growing day by day and so the privacy is reducing. More the growth of internet, less is the privacy.

But what can we do? We cannot stop the growth of internet as it makes our lives easy.

What all we can do is Staying secured on Internet. Recently, there was a news that millions of Yahoo account have been hacked.

This shows how secure we need to be online. Most of our communication happens through emails, whether personal or professional.

Most of us use Gmail as their primary email client and I will let you know how to send secure and encrypted email in Gmail.

How To Send Secure Emails in Gmail ??

Gmail says it encrypts all mails, but to our satisfaction we can use two chrome extensions to send secure emails in Gmail.

  1. Snapmail

Snapmail allows you to send secure emails. Once you install Snapmail chrome extension and send mail using this, then that mail gets deleted from the recipients after 60 seconds.

When your recipient opens the mail, it will be shown as a link. When the user clicks that click, then the time of 60 seconds starts running. Recipient should read the mail within the timer ends.

So this is self destructing email service

Once timer has ended, then the mail will be deleted from the recipients inbox and cannot be recovered. This way you can have secure communication in Gmail.

2. Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)

Using this chrome extension you can set password and hint for the email. Recipient needs to enter the password to see the mail. You and the recipient needs to be on the handshake regarding the password and there is no way of stealing your email.

These are the two best ways to send secure and encrypted emails in Gmail.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once?

We all use Gmail and it is one of the best mail services available. We all know how to Forward an email in Gmail and also known that Gmail allows us to Forward only one email at a time.

But what would you do, if you want to Forward Multiple Emails at once in a bulk? Have you ever thought of it?

We cannot keep on forwarding individual mail one by one and it does not suit best of no.of mails you need to forward is more.

If you are in such situation, then here is the solution. We can make use of MultiForward for Gmail Chrome extension.


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