How to Set up an HP Wireless Printer

1 July, 2022
Allen Joseph

How to Set up an HP Wireless Printer

Hey, congratulations on the brand new HP Printer. It will bring optimum flexibility to your printing job. HP printers are known for their user-friendly design, excellent build, minimum fuel consumption, and hassle-free connectivity. Yes, the connectivity requires proper technical steps. It is a little challenging for those people who do this for the very first time. You are in the right place if you are looking forward to a guide that can help you in connecting the brand new HP printer. But the first thing you are suggested to do is to confirm whether your model supports wireless functionality or not.

Connect the HP wireless printer manually

  1. Connect your HP printer to a power source and press the Power button
  2. Does your printer have a touch screen?
  3. Use the software setup process to connect the printer if it doesn’t have a touch screen
  4. Reinstall it if your printer is already installed. Hence, you will get the chance to connect to the wireless network.
  5. Find the Setup icon and select it
  6. Now you need to select Network
  7. It will enable you to open the wireless settings
  8. Select the Wireless Setup or Wireless Network icon
  9. It will search for wireless networks
  10. After the search ends, you need to define the network name
  11. Select the name that you have assigned to your wireless network
  12. If you have not selected a network name, you will see a combination of the router's model number and machine manufacturer name, i.e., HP 
  13. Now you are supposed to enter the network's password
  14. Save the credentials by clicking on the Done icon
  15. Your printer will be connected within a few minutes

Connect the HP wireless printer automatically

You need to check whether the computer and network are compatible to set up HP Wireless Printer machine automatically. It they do, search for your printer's software by accessing and putting your printer's model number. Make double-click on the software file and turn off your printer. Reach the Network section by following the on-screen instructions. Go to the middle of the page and select Network (Ethernet/Wireless). Click on Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer. It will locate the printer and send your wireless network's information over to the printer. Now you need to wait a few minutes to let the printer connection.

Connect the HP wireless printer with customer support assistance

No problem if you are not ready to follow any of the above-mentioned methods. Or maybe you are facing technical difficulties in connecting the printer. HP management believes in providing flawless customer care services to printer users. A team of highly skilled people is doing this job with ease and accuracy. They are delivering a long range of services, including set up HP Wireless Printer and printing through the wireless printer.

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