How to Setup HP Printer on WiFi Network

How to Setup HP Printer on WiFi Network

26 August, 2022
Mark Ryan

How to Setup HP Printer on WiFi Network

HP is one of the renowned names in the printing industry. A number of companies are there which are launching printing models of printers. Every new model is having a new feature that made it different from the older one. We talk about the brand name of printing manufacturing companies HP is one of them. All the printer manufacturing companies are not offering Wi-Fi printing facilities in the printer. The customer can get the Wi-Fi printing feature in HP printers. However, connecting HP printer with Wi-Fi is very easy but it may be tedious for people who are not technically sound. They should connect to the customer support service center to set up an HP printer on Wi-Fi.

To connect an HP printer to a Wi-Fi connection it is very necessary to follow the following checklist:

  1. It is very necessary to find the distance between the printer and the device from which you are giving print. It should be in proper distance range so that Wi-Fi connection can be reachable to printer and device as well.
  2. Customers should have network information such as IP address Wi-Fi connection user id and password.
  3. Users must know the configuration and packaging of the HP printer. You should be that much technical so that they can understand the user manual enclosed in the package of the printer.
  4. HP auto wireless connection method is one of the convenient ways that allows you to connect an HP printer with a Wi-Fi connection. Auto wireless connect is a technology in HP printers that enables it to set up the network automatically. It is a process that can be followed from the printer screen.

How to connect HP Printer with a Wi-Fi Connection

Here are the steps that help you to connect it with Wi-Fi. Follow the steps:

  1. To connect the HP printer with a Wi-Fi connection go to the Network section click Yes and then select Send My Wireless Setting to the printer. Using this some of the HP printer models can be connected with Wi-Fi which is having inbuilt auto wireless connection feature.
  2. Some of the HP printers do not support HP auto wireless connect. If this is your case you have to skip this app and go for another option during installation. In older HP printer models you may find few boxes that allow you to connect the printer with a Wi-Fi network

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