How To Setup Wi Fi Calling On Android Mobile Phone Gsm Only

15 March, 2019

Setup Wi-Fi Calling On Android Mobile Phone

Guys, it's very simple to setup Wi-Fi calling on your GSM Android device. Move on with the instructions given to enable Wi-Fi calling and set-up calling preference.
1. First of all, go to Wireless and Network Settings of your Android device
2. Select More Networks or More option there
3. After then, search for Wi-Fi Calling option and then enable it
4. Now, your device is ready for Wi-Fi calling. After it, you would like to set up a Wi-Fi calling preference.
Go through the given steps to set up your preference.
1. Tap on Wi-Fi calling not on enable/disable button
2. Now, select 'Connection Preference' option
3. Select any of the given choices:
- Wi-Fi preferred- If you choose it, whenever there is a Wi-Fi network available, your device will connect to it instead of using the cellular network
- Never use the cellular network- If you select this option, your device will use a Wi-Fi network only for making calls
- Cellular network preferred- If you select this option, your device will use any available Wi-Fi network for calls, when no cellular network is available

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