How to stop Norton from Blocking a Download

30 March, 2020
James Williams

Developed and incorporated by Symantec Corporation, Norton hires anti-virus and anti-malware software products. Performing the removal of email spam and phishing protection, Norton is beholden on Microsoft, Linux, and macOS.

Configuring the Norton Antivirus issue, a single person can rectify the trouble in a minute if a proper definition is being served. There is less possibility of engaging multiple queries at a time. A meanwhile people often carry distributed issues in one place and hence they fail to resolve them. Making things easier, let’s sit aside and gather the solution to stop Norton Antivirus from blocking a download.

Stop Norton from Blocking a Download

  • On the very first, the users require selecting on the Norton antivirus software and must view it on their operating systems.
  • Next, the users require choosing on the firewall field that is recommended in the Norton internet security window screen.
  • Further, the users are supposed to select on the Firewall option that is displayed in the left pane of the Norton antivirus.
  • Now the users require going moving towards the Application blocking menu and behind that field choose the configure options.
  • After performing this user are required to type their administrator password and next to that tap on ok.
  • The users than required to choose on permit option so as to stop the Norton antivirus from blocking any download that is being suggested.

These steps are beneficial whenever you face the blocking problem. The worst also deserves the best but not every time. Similarly, Norton's issues can be worst but also deserves a solution. Behind this phenomenon, the continuous changes in the version of Norton have also disturbed the environment. Making this easy-going one can apply the above-mentioned steps to rectify the trouble easily.

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