How to stop notifications from Google Chrome [Fixed]

stop notifications from Google Chrome

Updated: Wednesday, 12 February, 2020
Luis Jacob

How to stop notifications from Google Chrome?

Notifications, sometimes, play a vital role in helping us keep track of our various work schedules and also manage our time for various tasks accordingly. Google Chrome, which is the most commonly used internet web browser, also offers its users the feature of activating and receiving notifications. These notifications can be useful for various purposes and activities that we may not want to miss out by any chance. However, at times, you may also receive notifications for things that you are not interested in, or maybe you were, but now you want to stop it. At times though you may get fed up with notifications from annoying websites or extensions that may be seriously sending numerous spamming notifications on your computer that you may want to put an end to it immediately.

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer screen
  • On the topmost right side of the screen, click on “More” and then “Settings”
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom of the list and then click on “Advanced Settings”
  • Next, you will be able to see the header “Privacy and Security” under which you will see the option that says “Site Settings”
  • Under the Site Settings menu click on “Notifications”
  • That being done you will be able to view the options of “Block” or “Allow” notifications
  • Click on the “Block All” option if you intend to stop any notifications at all from Google Chrome
  • You can also customize Google Chrome to seek your permission by clicking on or off the “Ask before Sending” option

So, how to put an end to these notifications that you no longer which to receive while you still want to continue using Google Chrome as your favorite web browser. How to stop notifications from the Chrome process is simple and easy to follow. The steps mentioned above have served your purpose of stopping notifications from Google Chrome. Once you have done this, Google Chrome will no longer be able to send any notification or alerts at all. You can also gain access to the Google Chrome settings page through the link: chrome://settings/. You can also make a telephonic conversation with the customer care executives associated with the browsing department of Google. These professionals are skilled, dedicated, and committed to delivering the finest quality support services.

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