How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Unblock Downloads In Chrome

14 November, 2022
W.S. Mallon

How To Unblock Downloads In Chrome

Chrome is a popular web browser from the multinational company Google. Chrome is highly popular because it is very easy and safe to use. Many a time chrome is preinstalled on your device but if it is not, it takes a few minutes to download Google Chrome. Several measures taken by Google over the years made Chrome quite safe. Now there are harmful software scanning and isolated site processes in place. Chrome protects your device from malware as well. It blocks all the files that deem as unsafe by default from downloading on to your computer. This means that you also cannot download files from some sites that you think is trustworthy but Google thinks otherwise. So, you can unblock downloads in chrome from such sites.

Not just chrome blocks downloading from certain sites but it also blocks automatic downloads that originate from the same source. This can be very annoying at times. While you should not turn off these security features in the first place, but you ask then how to unblock downloads in Chrome? Well, you can follow the below steps to do so.

You know that chrome with its feature of safe browsing protects your device from known phishing sites and malicious downloads. You should not turn this feature off in any situation. However, when you want to allow downloads from your trusted site which chrome thinks otherwise, you can turn this feature off for a while only for this particular download. You can do so by following the below steps.

  1. Open the Chrome menu and then click on the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll down and click on the “Advanced”.
  3. Now you can turn off the switch next to Safe browsing underneath the Privacy & Security section.

Now, once you have switched off the safe browsing you can download from any site. But you are recommended to turn it on the one you are done with the download you wanted to.

Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Chrome is a safe browser and so it has a feature called safe browsing which blocks you download and also automatic downloads from certain sites which chrome thinks is not safe. You should ideally keep this feature turned on all the time. However, if you think that downloading from a site is safe though chrome does not allow it, you can turn off the feature of safe browsing and go ahead with the downloading process from such sites. Thus it unblocks downloads in chrome. But immediately after that, you should turn on safe browsing feature again to keep your device absolutely safe from malware.

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