How to Update or Change Gmail Password

Update Gmail Password

11 July, 2022
Mandy Harvey

How to Update Gmail Password

In order to keep the account safe and secure, it is necessitated that users change Gmail password at regular intervals. This is certainly going to prevent the users’ accounts from any of the hacking issues as hackers, in that case, will face difficulties in recovering the email account password. We are pretty much sure there could be too much sensitive information in many of the users’ accounts which certainly they would not want to share with the other users. So the best possible solution which such kind of users has is changing the Gmail account password at regular intervals.

There is a proper and effective procedure which users will need to follow in order to change the Gmail account password. Users with sound knowledge in the technical domain do not need to go anywhere and simply move down the tutorial and then follow the below mentioned sequential or step by step procedure in order to get one stop solution for the issue.

Steps to update Gmail password on an instant basis:

  • Step 1: Users can open their system and then from there they can open a browser of their choice while ensuring that they are having a sound internet connection.
  • Step 2: Once the base step has been executed in an effective manner then users can move on to the next step by heading on to the Google Account page.
  • Step 3: Users once reached the Google Account page then they can move on to the top right corner of the screen and from there they can simply click on the Sign In Button.
  • Step 4: Users can now offer all the necessary login details and in case necessitated then users can verify the same using the two-factor authentication.
  • Step 5: Users can next head on to the Security Settings section and then from there they can click on the Security tab and then users can find a list of available options on to their screen.
  • Step 6: From the list of available options users can simply scroll down to the bottom of the page where they can locate to the section Signing into Google.
  • Step 7: Users can next locate to the section titled password and then from there they can simply click on the Password button.
  • Step 8: In case users are prompted then users can input their password again in order to get their identity confirmed.
  • Step 9: Users will now be asked to enter their new password of the account which should be a correct combination of characters and symbols.
  • Step 10: Finally users can verify their password which means the authentication is successful and the user's account is safe and secure.
  • Step 11: Users can now log in to their email account with the newly created password and their desired username to enjoy uninterrupted services of the email account.

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