How to Update Windows 10 Offline Easily

Updated: Wednesday, 3 February
Alex Carey

How to Update Windows 10 Offline Easily?

As per an article was written by Computerworld, 86% of global computer users are running Windows OS, and 47% of them are running Windows 10 on their computers. It is an impressive figure, right? Microsoft is quite familiar with the number of users, and that is the reason the company keeps releasing new updates with upgrades and patches on a monthly basis. A small portion of the users has complained about unsuccessful update attempts in recent years, but it doesn’t mean you will not update your Operating System. Windows updates contain patches that are designed to secure your system and your data against potential threats. Today we will be talking about the steps required to download Windows update manually. Let’s discuss the steps needed for Update Windows 10 Offline below.

1. Open Settings on your Windows 10 PC

Open Settings on your Windows 10 PC

2. Navigate to Update & Security and then select Windows Update

select Windows Update

3. Here you can select Check for updates and Pause Windows Updates

4. Microsoft also enables you to change Active Hours or look at the Update History

5. Note down the KB number of the Windows Update if any update fails

6. Open the official website of Microsoft and search the Windows Update KB number

7. You are more likely to find suitable results for Downloads

8. Select All Microsoft if you did not find any suitable result for Downloads

9. The results will give you a Knowledge-based article about the update

10. Open the KB article page to see the download links for all operating system

11. Now you need to click on the download button to save the Windows Update

12. The update will be downloaded and saved automatically

This is the way by which you will be able to install the update manually, but yes, these updates need to be applied to the installed operating system, i.e., Windows 10. You can manually download, save, and install Windows Update manually if you need to save the updates if you find that you are unable to update your Windows using Windows Update or for some particular reason. However, Microsoft has introduced a service as Microsoft Update Catalog which lists software updates that are suitable to be distributed over a corporate network. If you use it, you will find the job of installing software updates, drivers, and hotfixes easier. To get more information about Update Windows 10 Offline, you are suggested to get in touch with the technical support professionals associated with Microsoft. They are always ready to guide you for update related issues or performance-related issues.  

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