How To Upload a File with Google Form

Updated: Wednesday, 3 February
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How To Upload a File with Google Form?

The HR manager may expect an online form where job candidates can upload their resumes or a private tutor may build notes for students using his/her Google Drive but in separate student folders. Google has a service as The File Upload Forms (demo) for Google Sheets that allows Gmail users to send or receive large files directly. If you use it, you can send email confirmations to notify the form respondent. You need to use the built-in drag-n-drop form builder to create the forms. Let's talk about the steps required to upload the files.

Add a file upload button to upload a file

Google will allow you for adding questions with several predefined options while creating a new Google form. Here you are instructed to open the list of options and click on the File Upload option. Proceed to the next step. A new window will appear, which will give you several options as well as parameters for file uploading. Now you find a field with checkmarks that will enable you to define the file types that are allowed for uploading. However, eight different options will be there to upload Files in Google Forms to choose from, including Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, audio files, and video files.

Move downwards, and you will get the chance of choosing the maximum number of files you allow to be uploaded at once. However, you will get another option below this option. It is used to specify the maximum size for individual files users upload to your form. Your defendants will have the ability to add a file from the Docs picker after you have added the button to your form. Google gives an option to add the file from the computer or Google Drive.

Does Google allow file upload without making signing-in?

No, it is not possible! The user needs to sign-in using his/her Google account if your form is featured with a File Upload option. Without an account, a user won't be able to respond. The Forms uses Google Drive to store files. However, this rule is not applicable to other types of options.

Are there any limitations in file uploading?

Even though the Forms allow you to upload multiple files in a single form, it has a set of limitations that you are supposed to know. Google doesn’t allow the users to upload a filer at once. If you are uploading a folder, you will need to upload the files one-by-one. Plus, the names of those files have to be different from one another to upload Files in Google Forms.

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