How to Upload Photos to Google Photos From PC and iPhone

22 June, 2021
Allen Wood

We are all aware of the type of services provided by Google. Google is one of the leading and most important companies in the world that provides applications. It has created a wide variety of products to meet different types of customer needs, such as Google's online storage sites, as well as the email and video sharing platform, which has helped us explore different types of applications.

The best part of Google photos is that it allows users to safely protect their photos without being lost or damaged. But sometimes the user faces a problem while working on Google photos, one of problems facing the user is how to upload photos from the PC.

  • First, the user must go to Google photos and download the desktop charger.
  • Install the application and sign in to your Google account.
  • Then you will be asked to choose your backup sources.
  • Click on the Add folder button and to add more folders.
  • Then, select an external storage location such as a camera, a memory card, and a hard disk.
  • The user can also choose the alternative means to upload the photos and one of the means is Google Photos.
  • Open your computer and then go to the Google photo website.
  • Then sign back into your Google account.
  • Now select the configuration and click Backup and synchronization.
  • Click on the backup and synchronization and click on activate or deactivate.
  • Your photos are backed up in the Google photo.

Try an effective and safe alternative to store iPhone photos | Google photos

Many iPhone users are concerned about storing their photos. Deleting old and memorable images is quite difficult and, for storage in iCloud, users must choose the paid subscription plan from iCloud. Now, it's time to release stress, upload photos to Google photos from iPhone. Google offers an effective means to store the image. The process is simpler and any user can access it.

Download the application

• The Google Photos application is available for iOS. Users can obtain the application from the store. Go to the application in the Store and then click on the download button to start the process.

• After downloading the application, install it on your iPhone.

• Thereafter, start the Google Photos application and as users for the first time; It is necessary to provide Google credentials.

• However, if you have more than one Google account, choose one carefully.

Now it's time to make a backup of the photos

After logging into the Google account, you will get the option; Backup and synchronization. To synchronize all the photos, you only need to toggle the options button in the Enable mode and after completing the task, touch Continue.

Thereafter, you must confirm the size of the loaded photos. Select according to your requirements and then press Continue.

The process begins

The backup and synchronization process consumes the data, so it is recommended to select the Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data. The process will take a while and after completing the same tap on Finish.

Therefore, everything is done. Now start the Google Photos application again and here you will find all your photos and they will be synchronized. However, if you want to delete the photos from the other unit (previously stored), you can delete them since all the photos in Google Photos are safe. 

Manage the Photos

Compiling the photos in the correct order will allow you to obtain the photos in an easy way. Therefore, organize the photo in an appropriate way and for it, Google Photos has provided few folders where you can drag your photos.

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