How to Use Local Data Aggregators To Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

Updated: Friday, 5 April, 2019
Lenny Gomez

How to Use Local Data Aggregators To Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

Making sure your business data is consistent and accurate across the web is a major factor when ranking locally on Google and other search engines.

Some business owners across the United States are quickly finding out the hard way that some of their information online is absolutely incorrect!

What kind of business data could be incorrect online?

  • Name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Hours of Operation
  • Incorrect / Outdated Images
  • Business Description / Services

Have you ever wondered how your business data gets online anyways?

One of the best ways to keep your business information accurate is to submit your business information to data aggregators.

These online databases provide and power other websites, maps, and vehicle GPS / navigation systems with directions and business NAP data.

What Are Data Aggregators?

In a nutshell a data aggregator is a compiled list of business information that normally includes a N.A.P (name, address, phone number, website, etc.) and other data that can be made available through APIs, Business Listings, and Business Databases.

Having incorrect business data online will harm your business and reduce your visibility in local searches on Google and other search engines.

This might sound very confusing to you the business owner but don’t worry the team at ilocal SEO has got you covered.

Automation vs Manual Submission

These days companies like AdviceLocal, BrightLocal, and Moz Local are just one of the many premium (paid) online portals that a business can automatically submit their information to.

For companies, digital marketers, and local SEO’ers alike that want to fully control their business data online, it is always recommended to manually submit your information directly to the data aggregators of your choice.

Submitting your business information whether manually or automatically will allow you to control and correct your data online.

The reason why it is important to submit your information to data aggregators is that these aggregators power and supply your business data to different websites, local business listings, directories, online maps, and car GPS to name a few.

In an essence, data aggregators can help you get found online locally and may be able to reach more customers at different places on the web as well as through offline channels like vehicle GPS.

Top 5 Data Aggregators to Be Listed On:

  • Neustar Localeze
  • InfoUSA
  • Acxiom
  • Factual
  • FourSquare* (Social Check-In Platform)

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