How to use the Windows 10 Device Manager to update your drivers

How to use the Windows 10 Device Manager to update your drivers

Updated: Thursday, 4 February
Jonathan Wells

Do you think the hardware issue you have on your Windows 10 PC is related to your current driver? Put your worries away! You need to update your drivers as soon as possible, and we are here to help you with the easiest practice of doing that. You can do it automatically or manually. However, the automatic process is as easier as you can imagine. We suggest making the use of Driver Easy Pro version if you don’t have enough time to update the drivers manually. It will update all your drivers only with a single click. You might say as what a device driver is if you are not a tech-savvy person.

What is a device driver?

A device driver is an essential code that enables Windows 10 to interact with the hard drive, graphics card, network adapter, keyboards, mice, printers, or monitor. In general, Windows 10 Device Manager detects and installs the drivers with the use of an array of build-in product drivers. Windows 10 is featured with numerous options to update a device driver, and these options are Device Manager, Windows Update, and auto-update assistants from device manufacturers. Let’s explore the steps required to update the drivers manually.

How to update the drivers manually?

  • Press [Win+X] to open the Windows 10 Device Manager
  • The DEVICE MANAGER window will open
  • Now expand the CATEGORIES and locate the device that is needed to be updated
  • Make a right-click on the device name
  • Hence, you will be able to select Update Driver Software
  • The device name displayed in Driver Easy for some devices; it is different from the device name displayed in Device Manager
  • Now you are supposed to click on the driver; it will bring the name of your current driver
  • Then you need to use this name to locate the device in Device Manager
  • You will see two options in the pop-up window
  • For getting the driver software, you need to click on browse my computer
  • Then navigate to the downloaded driver file and click on Browse to find the downloaded driver file's location; click on the Next icon then
  • The driver installation will start

How to update the drivers with a single click?

Have you done with the installation? No problem if you are finding the manual process difficult. Go for the upgraded Driver Easy to Professional Version. It doesn't require many steps to update the drivers. If you have upgraded the Driver Easy, you just need to make a single click to update the drivers. In the automatic process, you can even leave the program running to update your drivers.

Talk to the Windows tech support engineers for more assistance

What if you are not satisfied with the manual and automatic practices of doing the same? The tech support engineers recruited by Microsoft to help the Windows 10 users are efficient and trained enough to help you in dealing with Windows 10 Device Manager. You can contact them by dialing the official customer support number or by sending an online chat request. The engineering team we are talking about are backed by years of experience and committed to being available throughout the year.

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