How To Verify Your Google Account [SOLVED]

23 July, 2019
Albert Samson

Simple Ways to Verify Google Account

Google is a global technology. MNC offers a variety of services. Based in the USA UU., It is one of the most recognized companies in the world. Some of the popular services provided by Google are Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google sheet, calendar, Google search engine, Mao, Google duo, etc.

To use these services, you need a Google account. You can create a free Google account by following some steps. However, there are premium or advanced features available that you must pay. You can also create a Google account with a third-party email. In that case, it is necessary to verify the Google account. So you might want to know how to verify your Google account? Well, it’s very easy and simple to verify your Google account.

You can follow the process without any technical knowledge. You cannot use most Google services without verifying your account. So, it is important that you know the steps.

Steps to verify your Google account:

• Create an account with Google with other emails.

• You will receive a verification code for that email.

• Get the code by logging into the account

• Enter the verification code when prompted to complete the verification

Although the verification of the Google account is simple, users may face some problems while doing so. Many times they don't get the code. There are many ways in which users can receive the code or simply talk to the person live for a quick guide and a solution throughout the day.

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