HP Printer printing incorrect colors

4 July, 2022
Julia Perry

HP Printer won’t print the right colors

Your printing machine is working, but the printed outcome is not coming with the right or instructed colors. The printouts won’t satisfy you or other users if they appear in one color or without any color. If it is happening, you are strictly suggested to make the use of genuine HP cartridges. You also need to verify the ink levels in the cartridges attached to your HP printer. It will help you in knowing whether the error is happening due to low ink in one or more cartridges. However, you are instructed to replace the empty cartridge or cartridges for getting printing outputs with the right colors. Choosing a higher print quality in the setting like a Best, Maximum dpi, etc. is another subtle way to deal with an HP Printer not printing color correctly. If none of these has resolved your issue, go for the method we have mentioned below.

Manage colors in the Print Quality menu

  1. Open the PROPERTIES dialog box
  2. It will help you in navigating the FEATURES tab
  3. Then you need to navigate the PRINT QUALITY menu
  4. Manage it for getting the right colors

Evaluate the print quality report

Find the actual problem by evaluating the print quality report

The cartridge is not working correctly if the drain on the head of the cartridge is blocked or jammed. So, you are strictly suggested to make sure that your cartridges are properly released and seated correctly.

Replace the faulty cartridges

Your cartridges might be faulty if you are getting poor quality printouts from your HP printer even after following the given troubleshooting techniques. So, replace the cartridge or cartridges immediately to get the expected quality printouts.

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