https // for Help Google Account


5 April, 2020
Allen Walker Jnr.

https // for Help Google Account

If you need help resetting your Google mail account password, Google account helper can help you by sending a password reset.

  • Visit Forgot Google Account Password Page
  • Enter your recovery email address
  • Select Submit
  • Check your recovery email inbox for a password reset link 
  • Click on the password reset URL provided by the Google account helper team in your alternative or recovery mail address.
  • Now you can easily change your password to get access to your old Google account with the help of https // page.

Help Desk 24 Hours:-  1-866-407-0953 

Account Recovery Methods of Page

Individual needs to move to the Google account recovery page by tapping the link for help and it will move you to the official page of Google. There is a need to enter an email address that you want to recover. Tap on the "Next" button.

By using the https // for Help page, individuals will be asked to enter the last password. When you know the same, there is a need to enter the same or else tap on the link "Try another way".

Now, Google will ask you with a series of questions, there is a need to give correct answers for that. After that, you can use your Google Account. If you will not succeed, you should try a completely different method, it means to do the recovery by email and phone number on the same page https // for

When you have your registered alternate email address, Google will provide you an option to recover your account by using the secondary email address. You are required to select that option, there is a need to enter the email address and tap on "Next" button. There is a need to open the same email address that has been provided by you to get the one-time security code. It is required for you to enter the same code on the Google Account recovery page. Tap on Next and you will get a way to access the Google account with a new password.

When you have the registered phone number, the user can recover the account by doing the same. By using the recovery page for Help, there will be an option to enter the phone number to get the one-time security code. There is a need to type the same and tap on the “Next” button. You should look for the security code and type the same on the recovery page. It is required to create a new password and use the Google Account. You need to see if your password recovery issue has been solved by using https // password reset. for help

Google services such as Gmail, search engine, Google map, Google Duo chat, YouTube and others can all be accessed with a single Google account. Creating a new Google account takes a few minutes only and by providing data it asks you can create a new account after which you have a unique username and a password to access your Google account.

You can use the same Google account to use all Google services on all devices like laptops, mobile and on the different OS as well. Thus, you can enjoy all the services of Google easily with a single Google account. But what if you are denied access to your Google account? You will not be able to use any of the Google services and especially Gmail where all your important emails are there. But don’t worry as Google account recovery option is available to all in which one needs to prove to Google that they are the real owner of the Google account in question. for help Google account

Like millions of people in the world, you may also be having a Google account and using it on your devices like laptops and phones. But what if you are denied access to your Google account? Immediate question would be how to recover Google account in such a situation? Well, a Google account can be recovered by following 3 steps as mentioned below: However, first, you need to go to the Google account recovery page and then enter the email id of the account that you are looking to recover. After that follow the below steps:

  1. Go for two-step verification or
  2. Enter or choose primary email id or
  3. Answer security questions.

So, the first step after choosing your Google account that needs to be recovered is two steps verification. Follow the below steps if you chose this option to recover your Google account:

  1. Enter the mobile number which you submitted to Google in the account recovery settings option.
  2. Google sends you a recovery code to this mobile number.
  3. You need to enter this code in the given field on your screen.
  4. You can recover your account to complete the process.

The second option is to recover your Google account via the password reset option for which you can follow below steps:

  1. Choose the primary email id of your Google account.
  2. Now choose the password reset option.
  3. Now enter a new password.
  4. Now your Google account is recovered.

The third step is to answer the security questions which you chose while you created your Google account. If you had given hints also then you can use them to recall the right answer to your security questions. This is how you can recover your Google account in 3 different ways which are easy. These are done to prove to Google that you are the real owner of the account.

https // password reset Gmail

If you are one of them and trying to recover your Google account password but somehow the email address associated with the account got deleted from the user profile and you unable to spell out. If you have lost your Google account password or forgot Google account in that case you can recover it quickly by using reasonable steps as adduce below:

  1. First "Log in" your Google account by using Google account and password.
  2. Click on the “Forgot option”.
  3. Type your mobile number to "Verify your account".
  4. Enter the "Verification code" that you have received.
  5. You must opt for wishful passwords that you can keep remember easily.
  6. Enter your new password.
  7. Renter your new password in order to confirm it.

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