iMessage Notifications Not Working on iPhone and iPad

Updated: Thursday, 10 September, 2020

Several iPad and iPhone users have reported that they are experiencing SMS and iMessage notification problems after upgrading their devices to the latest version. It seems that a number of users are affected by this problem.

When you receive a new message, your iPhone or iPad can alert you with a sound alert, an on-screen alert, or a vibration alert. You can customize your device (like sounds and vibration patterns) so that you can get notifications for new text messages.

If your sound and vibration alerts are not working properly, no notification sound/vibration with incoming texts, here is how you can troubleshoot:

How to Fix:

Please try each until your issue is Please try these tips.

  1. Go to Settings > Messages and Send&Receive. If your email address is selected please unselect. Only select your phone number.
  2. Settings > Notifications > Messages > and Turn off “Show in Notification Center”
  3. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is disabled. You can check this by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
  4. Make sure that the Mute switch (on the side of your iPhone and iPad) is not On.
  5. Force restart your device by pressing and holding the home and on/off buttons or by pressing the lock button along with any of the volume button together until you see the Apple logo.
  6. Tap Settings > Notifications and Messages. Turn off “Allow Notifications”. Then restart your device. Now turn back on “Allow Notifications”.
  7. Go to Settings > Sound and check to see whether “Ringer and Alerts” are muted. If it is muted, make sure you slide the volume up.

If you are sending texts back and forth to any of your friends and contacts but u feel that they are not replying you back because you do not receive any kind of notification but when you go into the message you see their reply.

This is a problem that can be fixed easily and by following some quick steps.

1. The reason why you aren't receiving any kind of a notifications is because you might have changed the settings to do not want to receive an alert and this may be because you might have done this unintentionally and there are several ways that the user might have done so, the second reason might be because of a glitch and to remove the glitch the process is very simple as you only need to restart the iPhone or ipad Setting>Notifications>Messages>Allow Notifications>Restart device> go back and allow notifications.

If this doesn't work then there might be a software failure.

2. Turn Off Do Not Disturb

This is a feature on your iPhone to stop sending any kind of notification while you are at work and it bars receiving any text message alerts. To turn this off the user need to open the control center tap on the moon icon and make sure it is off. One also needs to make sure that a certain contact should not have a moon sign if all of this is in a perfect state the user will receive all the information in the way he used to.

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