iPhone Keeps Beeping When Charging, How to Fix?

Updated: Thursday, 10 September, 2020

If your iPhone has been ringing and you can’t understand why this is the article for you! Keep reading to find out why your iPhone is playing and how to solve the problem forever.

What is causing my iPhone to beep?

Your iPhone probably beeps due to an ad playing an mp3 file in the background. This sound is then played through the speaker of the iPhone. Most likely, the ad is due to an application open on the iPhone or from any previous web page that has been seen in the Safari application.

How to make your iPhone stop ringing

1. Make sure to close all tabs in Safari

If the beep of your iPhone started when you were using Safari to search the web, it is a great possibility that the beep comes from an announcement on a web page seen previously. If this is, in fact, the cause behind this, you will probably notice a strange mp3 file. The audio widget of your iPhone will be played. To stop the announcement, exit all the Safari tabs you have opened.

To exit from any Safari tab, simply open the application, press down and hold the tab change button (located on the bottom right of your iPhone screen) and press "Close all the number tabs".

2. Closure of any application

In addition to Safari, other applications can cause an iPhone to start beeping randomly. Several users have stated that their iPhones will continue to beep after using applications such as TutuApp, theCHIVE, the TMX application, and more.

If your iPhone starts beeping after using a particular application, it is important to close the application as soon as possible once the beep starts. If you can’t identify which application is the cause, close them all to be sure.

To exit the applications, start by double-clicking on the "Start" button to start the application switcher. Slide the applications up and out of the screen. Once an application no longer appears in the application switcher, it will know that it was closed correctly.

3. Clear the date of the website and the history of Safari

Once all the applications are closed, it is also important to delete the data from the website and the Safari history. This is because the ad that caused your iPhone to beep may have left a cookie in the Safari browser.

4. Check if there are available updates of the application

Once the beep has stopped, take a look at the App Store to see if the application that caused the beep of your iPhone has an update available. These updates are frequently released by developers to help solve problems and eliminate errors.

Another cause of an iPhone beeping

IPhones are configured to receive emergency government alerts by default. If there is an alert, your iPhone can emit a loud beep to notify you.

If you want to stop receiving these government alerts, open the "Settings" application and touch "Notifications." Locate the "Government Alerts" section by scrolling to the end of the menu.

Next, touch the switch located next to Emergency Alerts or Amber Alerts to activate or deactivate them. If a switch appears green, it means it is set to receive alerts. If it changes to gray, the alerts will no longer come to your iPhone.

You've managed to fix your iPhone beep!

An iPhone that keeps sounding can be extremely irritating and frustrating. Fortunately, it is easy to solve the problem on your own, both now and in the future, if it happens again.

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