How to Fix Linux Not Working? [Solved]

14 May, 2019
Martin Copx

How to Fix Linux Not Working? [Solved]

Are you a Linux user? Then you can face technical issues at some point. There can be varied reasons behind the Linux problems. But it never meant that you can’t fix them.  Every user fixes all kinds of technical issues that they confront during the working on Linux. In this article, you will learn about the issues related to Linux and also know about the steps to fix them.

Boot Problems

If your computer starts booting without appearing a menu, then you need to disable the splash screen under the boot menu and it is very easy to do. For this, press and hold the Esc key until boot menu open. Now choose a safe option and then disable the splash screen. Look for the options begin with Linux and then deleted the options and press the F10 key to continue to booting. After that, you can see that what’s really going on whenever you boot your system.

Other Crashes problems

These problems come due to hardware issues and a lot of reasons can behind that. To fix this, boot your system from a live CD and then choose Memtest from the menu. Due to overheating, this problem can also arrive, so try to run a system monitor or install any application to see the temperature of your computer.

Ensure that all the vents are clear and you can also check your CPU’s heatsink to see that there is no dust available in your fan. You can also check the power supply that is going to your computer in a proper standard.

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