Microphone Not Working on Mac Mojave? Best Solution


9 April, 2019

Microphone Not Working on Mac Mojave? Best Solution

Internal microphone is an important part of the system because it allows you to get the sound when you listen to music or a video. Apple Mac computer internal Microphone is a very useful thing and it is right to say that it performs more than External Microphones. On a dialy basis people use applications like discord for the gaming community, Skype is used for video call, and other apps also need Mic. So, when the Microphone not working on Mac Mojave people get frustrated. In such situations they need to fix the problem. But you don’t need to worry solution is there to fix this problem. It is true that in case mic does not work, you can’t FaceTime your friend, or you can not even use Siri on Mac, and also other features will not function correctly. So, you can try below solutions to fix the problem. Go to system Preferences > Accessibility and after that switch dictation to ‘on’ here.

1. You can configure Microphone settings by following below steps:

  • Click Apple menu.
  • Then select System Preferences.
  • Now locate Sound and once located open it.
  • Then click on Input tab.
  • Next step is to choose the “Internal Microphone” if not. You can try to speak in the microphone and then observe the blue lines of Input level.
  • If you see blue bars are rising when you speak then it indicates that the microphone is working correctly and if not then there is a problem with the Microphone.
  • In case the blue lines are not rising then you can drag the slider of “Input volume” to the maximum.
  • Now, you can check the blue bars again by speaking into a microphone.

2. You can restart the microphone. For thic you can click on Apple menu and then click on Restart.

3. You can reset PRAM on Mac. This is a hardware issue and you can follow below steps to reset the PRAM on Mac Mojave:

  • First shut down the Mac.
  • Then, turn on the Mac and press and hold the Command+Option+P+R keys together and release them once you hear the startup chime.
  • Once the PRAM is reset you are required to reconfigure the microphone settings by following the fix 1 solution mentioned above and then test the Mic.

4. You can create a new account. If you change the account to fix microphone not working on Mac issue and if the problem is solved then this means that the issue is with your user account. Still, if the microphone is not working on mac Mojave, then the problem is with hardware, and in that case you need to contact for Apple Support. You can create a new account by following below steps:

  • First click on the “Apple” menu and open “System Preferences.”
  • Next select “Users & Groups.
  • You need to logout from the current account and then create a new account and login with it.

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