Most Common Issues In Brother Printers

Updated: Friday, 15 March, 2019

Most Common Issues In Brother Printers 

The device aptly meets user's requirements whether they are using it at their home or office But, what will you do when your printer breaks down. Of course, it would be an uncomfortable situation for you guys. Particularly,  when there is an upcoming deadline for you, any interview, or you require your printer for some important work. 
  If your device is not working properly, read the provided remedies to get it functioning in an orderly manner. On the off chance, if you find it hard to go with these steps, then taking help from Brother Help services would be the wise decision.
Brother printer stops functioning and may show error messages as discussed below:
1. Error: E50
It takes place because of the fuser unit’s dysfunction. The fuser unit is a part of the printing machine gets the print onto paper. The printer then finds if any problem is there with temperature.
Do this:
First, turn OFF the machine for 5 minutes and then back on again. After leaving the device for 10 minutes if it doesn't work out, then it can be said that it's time to replace fuser.
2. Error: E51
The above error is a result of the malfunctioning of the laser unit. The code represents that the laser beam is not being detected.
Do this: 
Switch OFF your printer and back on again. If the error exists,  then the issue could be laser safety flap or there is a need to replace the laser unit. 
3. Error: 57
Paper Jam in the Duplex Unit. There may be a situation that paper got jammed at the time of double-sided printing.
Do this:
See for paper in the duplex unit and then pull it out. If the problem continues to exist, then there is a need to replace rollers in duplex unit, or chances are there that duplex switch solenoid is defective.
4. Error: 74
This is, we can say, a toner Error. The machine is probably out of toner.

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