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12 July, 2019
Jenny Bratt Change Password

Why does it require a password for the Gmail account? It is an important key that will help the client to break the access blocking to the account; You can say after this key that Gmail will give you permission to enter your email account or any other. Otherwise, the user can't open their Gmail account as long as they do not place a password, so the password is very important. When you put a password in your Gmail account, you should keep in mind that it is safe and secure for your account. When the user chooses a simple password or shares it with another person, it will create a series of opportunities to hack an account. If you lose access to your account at any time, you will also lose all the important details that were mentioned in your email account, so use it carefully in your Gmail account.

Reason to change Gmail password or

A number of reasons may be behind the problem, but some will have many customers in common. In this article, we will describe how: -

  1. When a user has forgotten or does not remember their password that time, they need to change the password.
  2. Pirated account: if your account has been pirated, you must change the password.
  3. Suspicious activity in the Gmail account: what you are seeing as a dubious action in your email account at the time you need action against this problem, otherwise you will have the opportunity to hack an account.
  4. Simple password: at which point, a user uses an easy password and then change the password of
  5. Someone knows your password, and then you have the need to reset or change the password.

Some Simple Methods to Change Gmail Password or Change Password

All customers can change their account password if they wish, but you are one of the users that require help to reset or change the password, so you can easily correct it by following these guidelines: -

Change Password with the help of Gmail website

Learn here the steps to change the password on the Gmail website.

  • First, the user will open the Gmail website in their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari), etc.

  • After that, a client will click on login with the fill-in email address and password.

  • Later, you can wait for the account to open, and then go to the configuration option that is available on the right side.

  • Then, look for the account and click on the import tab.

  • Next, you must click on the password change option and there enter your current password and now enter your new password, once again, type a new password. Check it

  • Now you need to security check-up (To secure your account)

  • Then, Click on Continue to your Google account

Change Gmail or password on Android device & iPhone

Follow the steps to change Google account password on the Android device

  • Initially, the client will open the Android device and go to the configuration menu.
  • Then, a user will move to the personal section and touch the Google services.
  • Then, click on "login and security".
  • Afterward, touch the password there; enter your current and the new password, type the new password one more time.
  • After that, touch change password.
  • Finally, a user can log in to their devices with their new Gmail password.

Change Password at My Account at Google/ website

Learn here the steps to change the Google password my website

  • First, a client will visit my account's website:
  • After that, you can log in to the account.
  • Now, a user will click on log in to the Google account.
  • Then, enter the password, enter your old password and the new password, once again enter your new password to confirm it.
  • Then, click on the Change password button.
  • Finally, log in to your email account on your device.

Change forgot password

Find out the steps to change the password by resetting a forgotten password

  • To start, visit the support page of the Google account. Write in your web browser.
  • Next, you must log in to the Gmail account and type the last password you remember.
  • After that, try a different question when you can’t remember your previous password.
  • Then, a user can enter a new password. Once again write your password.
  • To finish, click on change password.

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  •   Jul 12, 2019


    Thank you for this amazing article, I have successfully changed my Gmail account password with the help of given instructions on this page. Bingo! a great thanks

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