How to Fix Outlook Live Account Not Receiving Emails

outlook not receiving emails

17 October, 2022
Emily Cooper

What to do if outlook not receiving emails? 

Outlook is the most important server by Microsoft as it gives the user resourceful support when they face problems in receiving emails. It is a popular email server and management application that helps us in our work. This kind of issue creates difficulty for users. If you are facing this issue, checking whether the Outlook service is down is the first thing you are supposed to do. Also, check your internet connection to enable Outlook to receive emails. There are some other factors behind this problem. In this blog, we are giving you some solutions to fix outlook live accounts not receiving emails. The different ways to fix this problem have been discussed below.


  • Junk Folder Checking: You can check the junk folder then you can open an email and go to Actions then Junk email then mark that email non-junk.
  • Full Inbox: For this, you need to go junk folder and delete unwanted all mail and your old mail. 
  • Shift Emails to Other Folder: Sometimes email directly go to the other folder instead of the focused folder. That time you can go to the “Move” features and select to move it to the focused folder. 
  • Blocked Users List Checking: You should check the block list of email IDs. So, after checking the list you will remove email from the list. 
  • Clear Multiple Accounts: As per rules Outlook can connect a maximum of 20 email accounts in one place and delete the email whose accounts are longer active. 
  • Own Account Blocked: Because of security purposes Microsoft blocked my Outlook account. Then you can go online and check if it is working or not. 


Finally, if you enter incorrect details then the Account Settings verification process will be fulfilled. By going through all the above methods, you can be able to fix outlook not receiving emails.

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