How to Troubleshoot Outlook Signature Not Working?

How to Troubleshoot Outlook Signature Not Working

12 November, 2022
Steve Powell

Outlook Signature Not Working

Microsoft Outlook is another kind of WebMail. It is used by email client for accessing Microsoft Exchange Server Email. Along with giving access to Exchange Server email, it has contact, calendaring & task management functionality. The outlook is a good platform where the companies integrate with Microsoft’s SharePoint for sharing documents, project details, and work with colleagues, sending reminders, etc.

Access Outlook email

  • Head to Outlook web page of
  • Select Sign-in, click ‘Next’
  • Enter your Email address and password
  • Click ‘Continue’

Life is better with Outlook because of organizing things such as calendar, contacts, etc. properly.

Create an Outlook Signature

  • Open new message
  • Select ‘Signature’ from the message menu
  • Select ‘signature’ for editing –choose ‘New’
  • In this dialog box type a name as your Signature
  • Compose your signature under ‘Edit signature’
  • Here you can change fonts, colors, sizes or alignment of text; you can add tables, bullets or borders.
  • In a word, you can format your text then copy & paste in Edit Signature box.  

Ways to fix the Outlook signature problem:

Right-click the Windows Start button

  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Go to Apps and Features
  • Select ‘Microsoft Office Desktop Apps
  • Click ‘Uninstall’
  • Restart your System
  • Click ‘Run a repair of Office’ in order to make sure all are solved.

Seldom some people have a problem with buttons of Signatures and Fonts, these buttons might be aren’t working for you. This is a new variant for users, and the main cause is that the latest PC is having ‘pre-installed with ‘Microsoft Office’ and its apps which are not compatible with ‘Office 365 version-1801& former.

If your attempts fail, then just you can edit the Signature file directly. Here you don’t need administrator‘s help to put you in the ‘Semi-Annual- Targeted –Update-Channel.

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