How to Reset ProtonMail Password

Reset ProtonMail Password

8 July, 2022
Albert Samson

How to Reset ProtonMail Password

Emails have gathered one of the convenient modes of communication that a person covers on a daily basis. There are multiple numbers of communication mediums which we are used to facing with beloved ones but emails have no discrimination in terms of serving communication service to their customer at better as well as fastest emails. Moving further, one such standard email facility-providing company in the entire globe is ProtonMail.

Following the highest encryption protocol in accordance with analyzing the critical data, ProtonMail considers an end-to-end webmail service. Besides this, it arranges various other determining features and services such as big file mail attachment, data sharing, contact addressing, and many more. But in some cases the user does fight with a problem even while working on it, one of the top-notch problem user faces is regarding the resetting of the password of ProtonMail. 

ProtonMail Password Reset Steps,

  • On the very first, go to the official ProtonMail portal.
  • Then further tap on the support tab at the top.
  • Afterward, use requires tapping on the contact.
  • Now, here users will receive a list of options like email addresses, and phone numbers to communicate with their representatives.
  • Moving ahead, the user requires giving a call to the technical support executives at their listed number.
  • Their agents will follow a general process to tell you about the procedures of the reset password change.
  • Move to the ProtonMail password reset page and then enter the default email address.
  • Next, enter the existing password you remember and tap on need help respectively.

Recovering or resetting the password is pretty much easier but if you fail to drag the steps on your ProtonMail service then the last option that exists is to create a new account.

Change Protonmail Password

Well, except for summarizing the same steps as mentioned above, we can continue by opening the ProtonMail web page. Once the user hits on reset password, he requires filling in the details asked but to recover it soon, the user must look here,

  • The ProtonMail user needs to select a secondary email address to check out to next step.
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to type the verification code that has been delivered in the secondary mail inbox and enter the new password after continuing
  • Now user can re-enter the same password once again for confirmation
  • The user needs to ensure that the user holds the password safe and secure as it becomes a problem to recover the same again
  • Once you are done, tap quickly on the finish option
  • Ending this, with a new password user is allowed to send and receive proton mail-in trouble.

With these signature steps, the user can easily step forward towards the ProtonMail again without catching any trouble again. Enter your password wisely and strongly so that you may not forget it again in the future.

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