How can I fix “incorrect password” errors in Gmail?

incorrect password errors in Gmail

10 November, 2022
Lauria Gulia

Steps to fix "incorrect Gmail password" common error:

Gmail is a Google application that is generally compatible with all third-party applications. But sometimes you may see an incorrect Gmail password in third-party applications, so you will not be able to access your Gmail account. These applications can be applications such as the iPhone mail application. If you have entered your Gmail password correctly but still see the error. Here are the reasons and the solution to how to resolve Gmail’s ‘Password Failure’ errors:

The device or application you are using may not be compatible with Google’s security standards. They may be the following:

• The iPhone Mail application or the iPad Mail application that has an outdated operating system

• The Windows Phone Mail application before version 8.1

• Some mail applications that have not been created by Google that come with your phone

• Some desktop mail clients, such as MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

• Google wants to keep its Gmail account secure and protected, so that when it finds mail applications that do not meet Google’s security standards; You can show the Gmail password incorrect error. You can follow 2 options in this situation:

• You can upgrade to a more secure application that matches Google’s security standards. All security measures are followed by all Google products, such as Gmail.

• If you want to continue using less secure applications because you are familiar with them and you want these less secure applications to use your Google account, you can enable Allow less secure applications. However, Google does not recommend this option because it is not secure and it makes it easier for someone to log in to your Gmail account.

To Resolve Incorrect Gmail password error

Another reason for the incorrect password error is that the application you are using does not support the 2-step verification process. There are many applications, such as the Mail application in some versions of iPhones and Windows phones, which do not support 2-step verification. For these applications, you must create an application-specific password to log in to your Gmail account.

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