How to Set-up Outlook Email Signature

How to Set-up Outlook Email Signature

7 days ago
Annabell Matt

Set-up Outlook Signature

Many Companies whether they are big, medium and small needs email signature when they are communicating with their clients, employees and third-party to manage their day-to-day business operations and activities. But Creating an email signature is not an easy task because now in the fast world you need to update with the tool you use, whether you used Outlook or Gmail. 

Many people who are new in the corporate world or new to start their own business don't know how to create an email signature.

Don't worry newbie, In this article, we'll help you How to create a dashing email signature in Outlook [Updated Version].

To set-up, the email signature in outlook follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Open a new email message

Step 2: Click > Message Menu then Click > Signature then >> Signatures.

Note:  The Message Menu and Signature Button might be on two different locations depending upon the size of your outlook window, so you need an eagle eye to find out that.

Step 3: Under Select signature to edit ButtonClick > New, and in the New Signature dialog box, type your name for the signature.

Step 4: Now you see the Edit Signature section below, Type your Signature in this section. You can also change the fontsfont colors, and sizes, as well as text alignment.

Things to remember:

  1. You can also add links and images to your email signature.
  2. You can also add social media icons to your email signature.

Step 5: Under Choose default signature section, You see the following options for your signature:

  • In the E-mail account drop-down box, select an email account to associate with the signature.
  • If you want your signature added to all new messages by default, in the New messages drop-down box, select one of your signatures. If you don't want to automatically add a signature to new messages, select (none). This doesn't add a signature to any messages you reply to or forward.
  • If you want your signature to appear in the messages you reply and forward, so in the  Replies/forwards drop-down menu, select one of your signatures that you created. Otherwise, select the default option > None.

Step 6: In the end,  Click > OK to save your new signature and return to your message. Congratulations, now you are ready to go to send emails with your dashing and professional email signature.

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