How to Fix Sleep Wake Failure on macOS Mojave?

5 August, 2019

Sleep-Wake Failure on macOS Mojave? Here is the fix

It’s very common for Mac users to be taken unawares with a reasonable failure of the sleep-wake functionality of their Macs. As a macOS Mojave user, you may be amazed to find yourself asking what you should do if your Mac won’t wake up because you’ve probably presumed that this issue, which has troubled the previous versions, has been mentioned in the latest macOS update. No worries, here will guide you how to fix your Mac not waking from sleep on macOS easily and quickly.

Before diving into the solution, let’s know more about Mac which will definitely take you to the next level.

Follow some features of macOS:- 

  1. Dark Mode: It let you begin your Mac's menu bar and Dock dark, but that still says a lot of bright screen in between the midnight or else when it needs to dim.
  2. Dynamic Desktop: Dynamic desktop piggybacks offer the dark mode concept and is more for show than anything particularly useful. But what a view! Dynamic desktop changes the lighting of the desktop wallpaper the entire day, giving you a view of the Mojave Desert in the warm morning light, the bright afternoon and the cool evening light.  
  3. Stacks: Stacks will hold all of the icons surrounding around your desktop and put those into you guessed it stacks. You can arrange stacks by file type, date, tags and more. 

These features won’t let you down any time you use Mac. After receiving the knowledge about MacOS.

Let’s find out how you can overcome the sleep failure in macOS Mojave

  1. Disable System Hibernation: Note that the hibernation mode is only a protective measure to protect the loss of data during a misuse of power; you might be able to do without its involvement.

Use these commands:

“Sudo pmset standby 0”

“Sudo pmset auto power off 0”

  1. Reset File Vault: An issue may disturb the storage and retrieval of file contents on the hard disk during hibernation, causing conflicts between full disk encryption protocols like File Vault, which in turn prevent the authentication and loading of hibernation files, leading to a crash as the system wakes up.

To resolve this, disable the full-disk encryption protocols, and re-enable them if the hibernation works fine after the disk is fully decrypted.

  1. Clear out Hibernation files: When the system examines that a hibernation file (files working on the hard disk by the hibernation function) is not found, it recreates the file. But if it does so along with the error, it might destroy the file, securing reading from the system when waking up. To resolve this use this command,

       “Sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage”

       After covering up the issue, one can easily perform any task regarding Mac. Just apply the easy steps and commands and grow the MacOS features regularly. Wake up the Slept macOS Mojave also by updating it with the latest version.

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