Solved: HP Printer Driver Error in Windows 10

HP printer driver error in Windows 10

2 April, 2019
Nick Jackson

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Driver Error in Windows 10

Printers are extremely popular accessories for computers but also the most prone to troubles subsequent to an upgrade in Windows 10. It is a pretty solid operating system, particularly when many of us upgraded to it for free. But of course, nothing is perfect. Upgrading to Windows 10 can convey a slew of problems you never had to face before, such as frequent incompatibility, bugs, and relative sluggishness. One widespread problem with such upgrades is printer driver support. New operating systems don’t always consist of the drivers for old printers and also the manufacturers don’t offer updated drivers.

So, if your printer suddenly stopped working or showing HP Printer Driver Error after switching to Windows 10 then you need to check for its driver. Here are some guidelines to get it in the working condition again.

By updating the windows might help you to update or get driver for your printer. To do so, just follow these steps:

  • In the search box on the task bar type Device manager and then click on it.
  • Expand printers and find your printer from the list.
  • Just right click on it and select update driver.
  • Now select "Search automatically for updated driver software", and then simply follow the instructions.


Install driver from the printer manufacturer directly:

If your printer arrived with a disc, that disc might contain software which installs a driver for the printer in your system.


Download and install the driver yourself:

In any case, if you are unable to download or install driver for your printer in window 10, then you can check the manufacturer’s website. All the driver’s updates are often accessible from the support section of such websites. Simply, you need to locate and download the latest driver for your printer.

Most of the drivers are self-installing right after the download is complete. But, if your downloaded driver is not self installing, then merely follow these instructions to install it:

  • Open device manager.
  • Look for your printer and after finding it just right-click on it
  • Select update driver and then browse my computer for driver software.
  • Now, update will start automatically.

If above mentioned instructions don't work for you, try removing and reinstalling the driver which will surely sort out the printer gets offline problem easily. 


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