Method to Stop or Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome

stop pop ups in your Google chrome

30 March, 2020
Allen Jonathan

Stop Your Google Chrome Pop-Ups Within A Minutes

Google Chrome is very fastest and highest used web browser all over the world. It always gives better performance in all platforms like IOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and desktop. Google chrome popups offer you an instant update and notification but sometimes, it can hamper your work. But don't worry, because, in this blog, you will get a perfect and detailed method for how to stop pop-ups in chrome. You will get an easier way for how to stop google chrome pop-ups before going for the steps, users should know about why we should block or stop google chore pop-ups. Just see the below-mentioned steps.

Why Should Google Chrome Pop-ups be Stop?

  • Google chrome pop-ups take lots of memory when it runs and sometimes if you close the browsers then suddenly, chrome will choose all the tabs automatically and chrome will not give you any warning for closing.
  • You will get unwanted ads through pop-ups and if you will click on those ads so your previous windows can close without your permission.
  • Google chrome pop-ups don’t match your language specification meanwhile you can get popups in any language.
  • It can generate when you are installing or downloading anything in Google chrome and it can hamper your installation.
  • There are plenty of disadvantages if you enabled Google chrome pop-ups notification so you have to stop it. Just follow the below mentioned simple and easy steps for how to stop google chrome pop-ups.

Easy steps For How to Stop Google Chrome Pop-Ups:

  • Firstly, you have to open your Google Chrome (This method is similar for IOS device and Android platform)
  • Then, click on "Three dots". (It will be located on Google chrome browser in the upper right corner)
  • Now, this time to click on the "Setting" tab. (This is the Google Chrome Setting)
  • Then, hit on the "advance" tab.
  • Click on the "Site Setting". (In this list, you have to click on Site setting)
  • In Site Setting, you have to click on the “Pop-ups and redirect” tab.
  • Under the “Pop-ups and redirect” section, you have to move or drag the slider for block Ads.
  • Then, hit the “Back Button”, Here you must click on the “Ads” tab.
  • Same you have to drag the slider for (Blocked on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads (recommended)).
  • Finally, your Google chrome pop-ups will off and you will not get any pop-ups in the future.

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