How to take a screenshot on your Mac computer

27 September, 2019
Jammy Green

How to take a screenshot on your Mac computer

Anyone is interested in knowing about taking a screenshot on Mac computer? We guess yes because taking snaps and saving as a moment is easy but awaking screenshot might be a trouble. Well, looking towards the best part now is to take a screenshot in Mac computer. Like every problem arrives with a solution, similarly, this issue also covers the relevant answer.

Let’s have a glance on the steps that derive using the screenshot method wisely.

Method 1

  • The user needs to ensure that they have the screen as they want it to be captured.
  • Hold the key combination “Command + Shift + 3” to take a clean and quick screenshot of the screen.
  • Save the screenshot you just snapped on your Mac computer. It should be marked with the date and time that it was taken.

Method 2

Do not walk away; there are some more methods to be applied by you if the first one doesn’t respond.

  • Hold the multiple keys at a time “Command + Shift + 4”. The pointer should then automatically change into a crosshair for further use.
  • Hit and drag the crosshair to mark the area of the screen you desire to screenshot.
  • Release the mouse pointer; you might hear a camera shutter sound (if your computer sound effect is enabled) to denote the screenshot.
  • Save the captured image on your desktop or browse any other file to save as per the first method.

Method 3

Well, you can just relax or else if active then move to the last method which will definitely work for your issue in taking a screenshot on Mac computer.

  • Move to Applications then utilities after that double tap on Grab to launch it
  • Choose any of the screenshot opportunity under the Capture, menu to begin a screenshot alteration.
  • Screen (to screenshot the entire screen)
  • Window (to screenshot a specific window)
  • Selection (to capture a portion of the screen)
  • Timed Screen(capture the screen with a timer)
  • Tap and drag the mouse button (after making the selection of an option from above pointers) over the area you desire capturing. If you have chosen the Screen option, you cannot crop the image before capturing as it considers direct capturing.
  • Locate the screenshot by hitting on the Save option under the File menu option respectively.

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