Things you should do to protect your password

Jake Adley
Updated: Friday, 5 April, 2019
Things you should do to protect your password

Things you should do to protect your password

Today hundreds of users are getting hacked by cyber criminals, there hackers are breaching user’s personal information such as email id, credit/debit card information, physical address, legal document identities.

They may hack users by Email phishing, fraud social post, DDoS Attacks and many other ways.

It is crucial for each user to protect their password and to secure their social/email/banking accounts with high quality security.

Here’s some tips to protect your password

  • Try to make use of Long password instead of short password, because it is hard to crack long password.
  • If you are not able to make a good password, download any password manager software.
  • Use encrypted password or use some encryption techniques to create password.
  • If social/email service offering 2 Factor authentication, use it because it will be harder for hackers to crack password if 2 factor authentication is active.

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