Thunderbird not working problem solved


2 April, 2019

Thunderbird not working problem solved

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the valuable email service that has resolved several issues. It can be accessed easily without finding any serious trouble. To seek help in such circumstances, it is required for you to connect with customer service team without any delay.

What to do if Mozilla Thunderbird not opening?

Method 1 – Try to delete parent.lock file

There are times when Thunderbird user profile can be full of error,it results in this kind of problem. The most important thing, a user should do is to solve this issue by removing the ‘parent.lock‘ file available in the profile directory. It can be done easily by following the given instructions:-
First, user should close the Mozilla Thunderbird.Click on the Taskbar and should open the “Task Manager.”From the option of “Processes”, there is need to find and should  kill all the Thunderbird-related processes.
Tap Windows key + R to get the “Run” command.There is need to enter %appdata% in the command line and click “Enter.”Individual should open the “Thunderbird profile folder.”It is required to search and delete the parent.lock file.It is even required to have administrative permission to do so.Try to start Thunderbird again.Now,it should work without any problems.

Method 2-Try to start Thunderbird in the safe mode

Individual needs to tap Windows + R to brought up the “Run” command.There is need to enter thunderbird -safe-mode and click Enter. When you want to use the most simplest way to start Thunderbird in Safe Mode, individual needs to locate Thunderbird shortcut,tap and hold the “Shift key” and start the application.If you do that,the new window will now appear.
Tap on “Continue” in Safe Mode to start the Thunderbird.When the issue will not come,this means that the add-ons or toolbars are causing the problem. When you want to resolve this issue, there is need to repeat the process again. User needs to check “Disable all add-ons” and “Reset toolbars and controls.”Tap the option of “Make Changes” and “Restart” button. If you do so,Thunderbird will be reset to default and there are chances that the query will be resolved instantly.

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