How to Troubleshoot Gmail Problems

10 October, 2019
John Akcent

Gmail is considered as one of the most accessed mail services across the globe. Tracking with its amazing features along with extra secure security fabrics has tuned it with the ongoing tech trend. But wait for nothing is ideal, everything has pros and cons. Gmail also has some shortcomings, there are some flaws that obstructs the momentum of its services to a user. So this article will deal with all the supposed problems that hamper your working.

We will be dealing with the following below-mentioned issues:

  1. Gmail Forgot Password Problem
  2. Gmail 2 Step Verification Problem
  3. Gmail Sync Problem
  4. Gmail Not Sending Emails Problem

Do check out till the end and hope you get fixed all your complexities by going through the given measures.

  1. Gmail Forgot Password Problem

Well, you need not worry regarding this you can easily reset your forgotten password using recovery email, recovery phone number and answering security questions registered with your account. Here you can recover your password using the recovery phone number. Following are the steps:

  • Open the Google account support page in your web browser.
  • Input your email address/username in the Email field and tap on the Next tab.
  • You will be redirected to the password page and hit on the Forgot Password link.
  • Further, you will get an alert regarding the last password you remember, avoid it and tap on try another way until you get an option for recovery phone number.
  • On Gmail account confirmation page enter your phone the number and click on Send tab.
  • Then enter the verification code in order to verify yourself.
  • Set up your new password, confirm it twice and once done tap on the Finish tab to save the changes.
  • Hence you can further log in to your account with your new generated password.
  1. Gmail 2-Step Verification Problem

Following are the issues and their mentioned solutions in order to fix them:

  1. Lost or Stolen Phone

  • Access any backup option
  • Sign in with any trusted device
  • Fill out the account recovery form
  • Get a new phone via carrier
  1. Lost or Stolen Security Key

  • Sign in with your Google Account with a password and other necessary details
  • Follow the instructions to remove the lost key from your account
  • You will receive a new security key and add the new security key with your account.

    2. Step Verification Link is not Appearing

  • In case you are not able to see your 2 step verification link visit the following link in your browser
  • Probably your organization has not set it yet, visit your domain admin to check it out.
  1. Gmail Sync Problem

Often users face Gmail sync issues, there are many reasons behind it. Failing to send a message, not receiving messages, error message as account not synced these are some common issues faced during the Gmail sync problem. We are here with some notable solutions:

  • Update your Gmail app, check whether there is any update available or not. If there is any update notification, execute it out.
  • Restart your device.
  • Check your network connectivity, whether you are having a stable internet connection or not. Make sure to have proper internet connectivity.
  • Check your Gmail settings and ensure that the sync slide is in its active mode.
  1. Gmail not Sending Emails Problem

You can easily settle down this problem without having any extra efforts. Following are the measures to fix the issue:

  • One reason can be the storage issues. Just delete the unnecessary emails from your trash and junk folder.
  • Maybe you have crossed the maximum limit of sending emails. Under this condition, you have to wait at least till 1 to 24 hours to return in normal mode.
  • Probably you have input incorrect details of the recipient, check before sending the email.
  • Maybe email bounces back from the receiver’s email server, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before sending an email to a specific recipient.

Well, these are the most proposed and sorted measures to fix up the above-noted issues. You can even switch to the Google Support help desk for more detailed solutions.

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