How to Uninstall Norton Antivirus on Mac Completely

22 October, 2019
Max Clanton

The leader of Mac is the applications installed in it. Planning for a new change in your Mac? Then wait, might be your Norton Antivirus is not supporting to make the changes wisely. It’s quite possible that you use Antivirus in Mac because many malware and bugs join a group and create terrible mischiefs in a term. People often get rid of this issue and sit aside without finding any solution for it. Unfortunately, they have to look for some rectifications and move forward.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus from Mac

To give a new view to Mac, the user requires uninstalling the Norton Antivirus application with proper determination in detail along with full steps. Let’s deal with the following steps to uninstall permanently

  1. Tap on the Finder icon in the Dock bar
  2. Hit on the Go menu and move towards the Applications folder;
  3. Find the contents of the folder to navigate Norton Security;
  4. Select the antivirus by double-tapping on it;
  5. Following utility’s menu section, tap on the Norton Security tab respectively;
  6. Engaging the drop-down menu bar, choose the Uninstall Norton Security option wisely.
  7. Next, when the confirmation window appears, you require entering the administrator’s password and username
  8. Wait for a minute unless the entire file gets clear
  9. Restart the Mac again.

Thus, the simple clarification is justified above for those users who are unable to uninstall Norton Antivirus on Mac. Make sure you have completely removed the application. You can each and every folder in Mac whether any extension is still disturbing the system. Hence, the utilization of Mac can be done with a new start after hiring the latest updates with fresh version.

We can do one thing more. To make your trouble easier, we can serve an alternate method to complete the process in case you fail to cover the above-mentioned steps.

The alternative settings to wipe out Norton from the Mac are to utilize third-party cleaning apps that are cost-effectively available on the Web. The opposite side of this solution depends on the fact that it is actually easier than the manual deleting of the application leftovers, which can be quite annoying. Moving ahead, it is safer since the user won’t delete system files by mistake. Thus, to remove a hard drive of your Mac from unnecessary Norton-related files, thereby freeing up additional storage space, download a cleaning application to remove the malware. Install it on the Mac and follow terms and conditions modified by a creator to remove the antivirus and all of its files and folders.

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