What Are The Best Blinds To Keep Rooms Warm?

26 February, 2019

What Are The Best Blinds To Keep Rooms Warm?

Autumn is almost here and the winter is on its way. Thus, you need to think as to how you can keep your rooms warmer when the temperatures start to drop. It’s good to take steps in advance. So what could be the best way to enjoy the warm feeling inside the room especially if you’re looking to do so in a natural way?

When it comes to beating to cold nothing can better than blinds. This is the reason why blinds are also said to be natural insulators. Isn’t it a great idea, having warmer rooms without having it install costly heating appliances?

Reduces Loss Of Heat And Gas Bills :

Recent research shows that about thirty percent of the interior heat is lost due to uncovered windows. Therefore, it’s smart to cover your windows with blinds. But do you know what could be the best material?

Honeycomb Blinds :

Honeycomb blinds are known for their temperature controlling ability. The multi-cell design that they have makes it easy to insulate your home as it traps air in between. Even if you have large sliding windows, the horizontal stack design makes it easier for the users to get access. If installed in the correct way, they also impart a tidy finished look to the windows.

Roller Blinds :

Roller blinds are one of the most popular and versatile window treatments. They are stylish & sleek, and also provide great insulation, with a minimal profile. Roller blinds often outsmart other products as they can also be installed with motors that allow you to operate the blinds remotely. This means you can roll up or roll down effortlessly as per your requirements.

Roller blinds are a great addition to any home. They are not just stylish, but also affordable. You can also consider to pair them with a pelmet that looks subtle and sleek. A pelmet helps to cover up the front and the top of the chain drive, roll tube and brackets while protecting the roller blinds and motors from dust. However, when pairing with pelmets, you need to be careful that both of them don’t have the same print. Having a contrasted look increases the aesthetic appeal of the window treatments. The best way is to choose one in the solid color and the other in print.

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