What Are The Types of Brushes Used In Automotive Detailing?

26 February, 2019

What Are The Types of Brushes Used In Automotive Detailing?

Every professional is well aware of the fact that in order to do a good and thorough cleaning of a vehicle needs a good set of brushes. You will need to have brushes that are capable of cleaning air vents or scrubbing the stains out of upholstery.

You should know the variety of brushes available in the market for cleaning the automotive detailing, like the drill powered brushes, microfiber mops to get rid of the nasty dirt and grime. Go through the article and know the popular brushes that automotive detailers use daily, learn why they are so important.

Woolie Brushes

Woolie Brushes comes with varied shape and sizes and you can carry out deep cleaning to lift out the dirt and the residue. Woolie Brushes are generally used to clean both the outer and the inner surfaces of a car’s rims. They have a special feature, they are designed in such a way that they can pass through the tight spaces near the brake discs and calipers. These cleaning brushes are also ideal to clean out the car vents as they can slip easily between the slots and can reach the hard-to-reach spaces.

Small Detailing Brushes

When you try to clean the crevices of seats or steering wheels, then you should go for the small detailing brushes to clean all those hard-to-reach areas. These brushes are made up of nylon or horsehair and contain a special grip that makes them easy to handle and use.

Carpet And Upholstery Brushes

If you are auto detailer then you must have carpet and upholstery brushes, as they are useful in cleaning the vinyl surfaces inside the car. These brushes are quite easy to handle and are quite versatile in nature. You can exert some more power to scrub tough stains on the seats, carpets, and the headliner.

Drill Brushes

Drill brushes provide similar kind of handling like that of a handheld power drill. They work by rotating the circular brush heads, they have got incredibly strong bristles that are capable of lifting and scrubbing grease, losing gravel and muck from inside the threads of the tires.

Grill And Body Brushes

Grill and body brushes come with comfortable and easy-to-use handles that prevent slipping when used. It also consists of a rubber head that avoids scuffing a car’s exterior. They come with soft nylon bristles, these bristles come handy while scrubbing caked-on dirt from the exterior surfaces. They are also useful as you can get in between the mesh and wire netting of car grilles with these grill brushes and can pull out the dust and the dirt trapped over there.

These are some of the cleaning brushes used in the automotive detailing industry. If you want to buy one, visit nearby brush retailer stores, in Us you can find many such retailers, choose the one which fits your needs.

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