What should I do when chrome is not asking to save password

google chrome not asking to save password

4 July, 2022
Will Jacks

Chrome Is Not Asking To Save Password

Google Chrome is a secure, speedy, user-friendly, and cross-platform browser designed by Google. So, usually, when any people first time signing a website on Google, then automatically a quick will pop up at the top-right side corner of the page, to remind you for saving the password. But sometimes it doesn't appear, which means chrome not asking to save the password. But you don’t need to worry, just take the easy way. Here the article will give the correct information to quickly solve this issue or save a password manually and automatically.

Steps to Fix Issue When Chrome Is Not Asking To Save Password?

Walkthrough the Step by Step to fix the issue, in the following ways.

Solution 1: - By Automatically Way

When automatically Chrome does Not Ask to Save Passwords. Then don’t irritate. You can make it again to automatically ask to save a password option in chrome.  Follow these steps.

Step 1: - Turn On the "Save Web Passwords" Option

If you haven’t selected the option "Offer to save your web passwords" in “Settings”, there won't display a notice when you sign in to any site. In this situation, you can make Chrome save your passwords automatically again by switching on "Auto Sign-in" through the following steps.

  • Go to the top-right corner, and hit “More” and then “Settings”.
  • Then, scroll down, and tick on the “Advanced” option.
  • Next, go to the “Passwords and forms” section, and hit on “Manage passwords”.
  • Now, change it on to select the option "Offer to save your web passwords".

Step 2: - Correct or Delete the Option “Chrome to Never Offer to Save Password”

In the second case, why pop-up prompt is not appearing again? The answer is if you already selected the option "never for this site" to prohibit Chrome from saving your passwords. But, this you can make again. So, let's see how to make Chrome for asking your password for the second time? Have a look.

  • At the top-right side of the page, hit on “Settings”, then scroll down and expand “Advanced”.
  • Go to the section “Passwords and forms”, and then tick the “Manage passwords” option.
  • In the “Never saved” section, hit on “Delete” at the end of the row.

Solution 2: - By Manually Way

Some Websites Not Allow to Save Passwords in Chrome. So, if you followed all the above steps, but it doesn't work at all. That means, there may be an issue with websites, as some sites don't permit saving a password in Chrome. Keep this thing in mind, so in this case, you have to Manually Save passwords in Chrome by switching to the "enabled" option.

Follow these steps: -

Step 1: - In the address box, type "chrome://flags/#enable-password-force-saving", and then press “Enter” key. Then select “Enabled” in the drop-down menu and then hit on the “RELAUNCH NOW” button.

Step 2: - After relaunching Google Chrome. Go to the unable saved password website, and enter your credentials like account and passwords. Right-click in the password entry box previously logging in, then select the “save password” option. Thus, you can see the notice or pop-up looks in the top-right corner as usual.

I hope, the issue is resolved by following all the above steps or solutions.

You can also watch mentioned video to easily understand the process to fix problems.

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