What to do When HP printer black-ink not working properly

Updated: Friday, 24 July

My HP printer not printing black-ink – why

Your printer is working, but the printed papers are not coming with the right or instructed colors. The HP printers, especially the inkjet printers, face this problem quite frequently. Under this situation, some users start believing that black ink needs a replacement. However, it does not only mean that the cartridge needs a replacement. This issue sometimes occurs due to the use of a local cartridge and demands a genuine HP cartridge be resolved. Evaluating the quality report is the other thing you need to do if the HP printer black-ink not working properly. We have mentioned a set of troubleshooting tricks, starting from the evaluation of the print quality report.

Is your print quality satisfactory?

Evaluate the print quality report is considered as the first practice for troubleshooting the concerned issues – it helps the user in knowing the actual problem. It may say that the cartridge head is blocked or jammed, and not working correctly. If this is the reason behind your problem, you need to open the cartridge head and let the drain on the head of the cartridge is working. 

Is there a problem with the LCD screen of your HP printer?

If your printing machine does not print the black color, you should check the LCD screen that is likely to be faulty. Any issue in the printer's laser assembly can create this problem. Replace or repair the LCD screen to settle the issue.

Check the color management

  • Open the Properties window in your HP printer
  • Then navigate to the Features tab
  • Select Print Quality and check the color management
  • Rectify it if you have found any issue in the color management

Is your cartridge faulty?

Your cartridge might be full of ink, but it is not necessarily an error-free cartridge. If so, you will be getting poor quality printouts from your HP printer even if it is high on ink. Simply replace the cartridge if you found it broken or defective. This troubleshooting practice is more likely to settle your issue, i.e., HP printer black-ink not working properly if the given reason is not allowing your printing machine to print black ink.

Are you using an HP Laserjet printer?

  • Open to the menu of your HP Laserjet printer
  • Click on Diagnostics and then print the PQ Troubleshooting Pages
  • Go to Disable the Cartridge if black ink does not print
  • Now you are supposed to switch the black and magenta cartridges on the menu
  • Print the document again
  • If the problem persists, toner cartridge is perhaps the reason behind your problem

Clean the black-ink cartridge

Cleaning the black ink cartridge is another highly trusted troubleshooting practice of the concerned issue. Simply remove the cartridge from your HP printer and clean the laser or scanner block with a cotton swab. Try to remove dirt, grime, or any dried ink that may prevent ink from flowing. Also, clean the printer heads. Install the cartridge then.

What to do When HP printer black-ink not working properly

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